Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Notice

If your job is classified as exempt, your pay does not depend on the number of hours you work per day and/or per week. Rather, exempt employees receive a fixed salary each work week without regard to (i) the number of hours they work or (ii) the quantity or quality of their work, subject only to those deductions specifically authorized by the FLSA as consistent with their exempt status.

Under the FLSA, exempt employees are not entitled to payment for any work week in which they perform no work for Villanova. In addition, the salary of an exempt employee may be prorated in the first and last weeks of employment.

If you are an exempt employee paid on a salaried basis, your pay is subject only to certain deductions as permitted by the FLSA regulations. No deductions will be taken from an exempt employee’s pay inconsistent with the exempt employee’s salaried status. Moreover, no policy or statement in our Employee Handbook or any other University policy or procedure shall be construed as permitting or authorizing an exempt employee’s pay to be subject to deductions inconsistent with the exempt employee’s salaried status.

For example only:

  1. As a general rule, no deductions will be taken from an exempt employee’s pay for absences less than a full day. Rather, subject only to the one exception set forth below, deductions from your pay for absences due to illness or disability or for personal reasons will be in full day increments only (to the extent you are not eligible for or have exhausted your eligibility for payments under our paid time off policies/ disability plan(s) in accordance with their respective terms, conditions and restrictions). The one exception is that an exempt employee’s pay may be subject to deductions for absences of less than a full day to the extent such absences are covered by the federal FMLA.
  2. Exempt employees may be suspended without pay for infractions of workplace conduct rules in accordance with policies distributed to all employees, including, but not limited to the policies included in our Employee Handbook (for example, our policies prohibiting harassment and violence). Suspensions of exempt employees under these circumstances will be implemented in good faith in full day increments only.
  3. For any work week in which an exempt employee is on witness duty, jury duty or temporary military leave and performs any work for Villanova, the exempt employee will receive his or her full salary (minus only military, jury or witness fees).

If you believe your salary has been subject to an impermissible deduction inconsistent with the FLSA’s salaried basis requirement, or if you have any other concerns about your pay, please contact Human Resources at (610) 519-7900.

Villanova University will conduct an immediate investigation of your concerns, disclosing them only to those who have a need to know in order to investigate and/or to take corrective action. If an improper deduction has been taken from your pay, you will be reimbursed for the improper deduction in the next possible paycheck. We also will ensure that, in the future, no similar deductions are taken from your pay or the pay of other exempt employees. Regardless of whether an improper deduction was taken from your pay, we also will ensure that there is no retaliation against you for bringing your concerns to our attention.