Termination of Employment

1)  Voluntary Resignation
Employees are expected to provide at least two weeks notice in writing to their supervisor to preserve a positive relationship with the University.  If you have more than one year of service and you do provide the minimum two weeks notice of resignation, you will be paid for any unused vacation.  If you do not give the minimum two weeks notice, pay for your vacation time will be forfeited.
You may initiate or you might be asked to participate in an exit interview with a Human Resources representative prior to your last day of work.  This visit will give you a chance to provide the University with your candid feedback about University operations and programs. Additionally, if you so desire, representative will review the status of your insurance and retirement benefits.
Upon termination, you are expected to turn in any and all University property such as your Wildcard, keys, University-issued equipment or clothing.
2)  Discharge for Cause
All employees are considered “at will” and serve at the pleasure of the University, and consequently may be discharged at anytime regardless of circumstances. However, the University normally attempts to provide employees with poor work records the opportunity to improve through corrective actions such as coaching, counseling and progressive discipline.  Of course certain behaviors and actions are serious enough as to warrant immediate termination of employment.  Any employee discharged for cause will not be paid for unused vacation and may not be eligible for COBRA benefits coverage.