Smoking Policy

The University believes that faculty, staff, students and visitors who need to access University premises have the right to breathe smoke-free air. Accordingly, all work spaces and common areas inside University buildings have been designated as “smoke free” as of January 30, 1995. Additionally, all residence halls and apartments are smoke free. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas (public areas and student rooms) of these buildings.

Smoking is permitted outside campus buildings provided the person is at least 25 feet from an entrance or exit, air intake duct or window. Appropriate waste receptacles are provided for proper disposal of cigarettes, ashes, etc.

All visitors shall be informed by the Villanova staff person or student responsible for the visitor(s) of the Smoking Policy, if applicable.

Smoking is prohibited at all times in shuttle buses, escort vans and University owned small carts and vehicles.

Cooperation and consideration between smokers and  nonsmokers are necessary to assure the successful implementation of this policy.