Jury Duty

Summary of Jury Duty Leave:

Jury Duty leave is available with pay, when a faculty/staff member is summoned for jury duty on either the local or federal jury duty level.

Description of Jury Duty Leave:

If a faculty/staff member is summoned for jury duty, the University encourages their participation.  Faculty/staff members will receive regular pay for any regularly scheduled work hours during which they serve as a juror.

Eligibility for Jury Duty Leave:

All full-time and part-time faculty/staff members are eligible for jury duty leave.

How to Apply for Jury Duty Leave:

As soon as the faculty/staff member receives a summons, they should present a copy to their department head/supervisor. 

Impact on Salary and Benefits:

Upon their return to work, faculty/staff members must provide a copy of any payments received in excess of $100 to the Payroll Office.  Payroll will then reduce the next pay by the amount the faculty/staff member received, excluding any amount received for travel, meals, etc.  For example, if the faculty/staff member received a check for $120.50, where $110.00 was for jury duty and $10.50 was for travel, they would cash the check and send a copy detailing the payment to Payroll.  Payroll would reduce the next pay by 110.00. 

 All benefits for which the faculty/staff member is enrolled will continue as if they are actively at work.