Handbook Policies and Procedures

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This handbook applies to all staff employees of Villanova University. Many of the policies including general University and benefit policies also apply to faculty. Faculty are reminded that there is also a Faculty Handbook for their use. Throughout these policies, individuals have been referred to generically as "employees," regardless of the group in which they work. We encourage you to read this document carefully.

Questions which cannot be answered by these Policies and Procedures should be referred to the Human Resources Office. Comments or suggestions regarding this manual may be submitted to the Human Resources Department at hr@villanova.edu.

While we try to ensure that this document reflects current Villanova Policy, at times there may be a lag between a change in policy and an update of this document. You should contact the Human Resources Office to ensure that the policy statement contained in this document is the most current.

The Villanova policy handbook is a resource document for employees voluntarily adopted by the University for informational purposes only. It is not intended to and does not create an express or implied contract of employment or any other contractual rights, obligations or liabilities. It does not contain any promises by the University and the University is not legally or otherwise bound by it. More specifically, the Handbook should not be considered as or relied upon by employees as establishing terms and conditions of employment. Additionally, because staff employment is at-will, you are not guaranteed employment or any particular job or type of work for any specified period of time. Because your employment is at-will, both you and the University have the right to terminate your employment at any time and for any or no reason and with or without prior notice. While the University may follow a disciplinary process from time to time, nothing in this Handbook or its application shall restrict the right of the University to terminate employees at-will. Exceptions to the employment-at-will policy apply to employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement or individual employment contracts.


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Quick Links


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  • Benefits Portal - enroll in health & welfare and voluntary benefits, make changes due to life events, view your NOVArewards! total compensation statement.
  •  Wellness Portal - provides access to the NOVAFit! wellness program.
  • TIAA CREF/Villanova Microsite - enroll and make changes to investments and salary deferrals in your 403(b) Retirement Plan

Who do I call in Human Resources? Check out the Human Resources Services Directory to find out who can best answer your questions.

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myNOVA: Update your address or phone number, view and print your pay stub, or check on your available vacation time and more on the Work@VU tab on myNova. Use your LDAP/email user name and password to login.

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Hotline: If you have a complaint or concern you would like to report anonymously, please contact the Ethics Point Hotline which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The hotline, provided through a third party, allows you to report any instance of misconduct in the workplace or classroom setting due to mismanagement of funds, fraud or other violation of law or University policy.