Performance Appraisal Process

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Regular performance appraisals are important in setting expectations, developing future plans, and assessing skills.  As such, an annual performance appraisal is required for every Villanova University staff member.

2014 Performance Appraisal Process

During 2014, the University will be transitioning to a web-based performance appraisal process, and a small pilot group has agreed to live-test the process during this review cycle. During the summer of 2014,  all staff members and their supervisors will begin using this new tool for the 2014-15 goal setting process in preparation for the 2015 performance cycle.

For those not in the pilot group mentioned above,  you will complete the 2014 performance cycle using the same process as has been used in years past. We know that doing performance appraisals can be time-consuming and that long forms can be cumbersome, so for 2014 there are alternate forms available for your use.

  • If the Performance Appraisal and Development Plan form that the University has used over the past few years meets your needs and you are comfortable with it, you may use that same form again.  But, if that form doesn’t meet your needs, you can choose an alternate form.
  • For our non-exempt employees, you can use either the Performance Appraisal and Development Plan form or a simplified one: Performance Appraisal Non-Exempt Positions.  Non-exempt positions are those that are not management, and have defined duties. If you need guidance regarding use of the form, please contact us.
  • For exempt positions (managers and other jobs that use more discretion and decision-making), you may use either the Performance Appraisal and Development Plan form or a narrative format.

If you have questions or need help with any performance related issues, please contact Albert Baladez at 9-4238.   

Performance Appraisal Forms


The Performance Management Pilot Group will find help quick reference guides and short video tutorials on Blackboard at For a quick tour of Blackboard, please watch this short video.

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