Health Screening Information

New for 2014!

Earn up to a $150 premium incentive by completing the Personal Health Assessment and health screening, plus an additional $200 VISA Gift Card (can be used anywhere VISA is accepted) by earning 100 NOVAfit! points through wellness activities. The premium incentive will be applied towards your 2014-2015 benefits plan year which runs from June 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015.

Please be advised that the premium incentive will only be applied if you are enrolled in medical coverage through Villanova University. You are still encouraged to complete the PHA and health screening even if you are not enrolled in a medical plan for the 2014-2015 year because it provides a valuable picture of your current health and quality of life as well as action-oriented tips to work towards optimal health and wellness.

As part of the expanded and enhanced 2014 wellness program offering, your eligible spouse has the ability to earn a premium incentive of $75 if he/she completes the Personal Health Assessment as well as their own $200 VISA Gift Card with the completion of 100 NOVAfit! points. Please be advised that the PHA and incentive only applies to spouses who are currently enrolled in one of the University medical plans.

Total incentive amounts could be as high as:

Employee: $150 premium incentive and a $200 VISA Gift Card
Spouse: $75 premium incentive and a $200 VISA Gift Card
Employee and spouse: $225 premium incentive and two $200 VISA Gift Cards

It is important to note that faculty and staff not enrolled in the University medical plans can still qualify for the $200 VISA gift card by completing the PHA and Health Screening program and then obtaining 100 NOVAfit! points. Spouses must be enrolled in the University medical plans and complete the PHA to qualify.

Please be advised that the VISA Gift Card will be considered taxable income and will be reported through payroll.

If you are unable to earn these incentive items because of a health reason, please complete the other available incentive items in order to earn your reward. Contact Customer Service at or 866-532-7585 for information on other activities.

Campaign Period

Beginning Monday, December 2, 2013, you’ll have access to complete a personal health assessment (PHA) and schedule a health screening appointment. Faculty/staff and spouses must complete the applicable PHA and/or health screening by Friday, February 28, 2014, in order to qualify for the premium reduction toward your 2014-2015 health benefits (medical plan enrolled faculty and staff only). NOVAfit! points program will run continuously throughout the year.

On-Campus Health Screenings

Screenings will be held on campus January 21-31 in Dougherty Hall, West Lounge. To register for a screening and to take the PHA, visit the wellness portal 

How do I complete the PHA and Health Screening?

For faculty and staff: It’s simple: complete the PHA and either register for a health screening appointment on campus via the NOVAfit! wellness portal or have your physician submit the physician affidavit form

For spouses: Spouses will self register by clicking here and need to provide last name, date of birth and last 4 digits of SSN in order to log into the portal to take the PHA. If both spouses are Villanova employees, the incentive will depend on how the medical benefits are elected. If both employees elect benefits separately, then each will need to complete the PHA and health screening. If the medical benefits are elected jointly, the employee carrying the coverage would need to complete the PHA and health screening, and the spouse would just complete the PHA. For more information on how spouses can enroll, please click herePlease note: Spouses are not required to participate in the health screenings to be eligible for the $75 premium reduction.

Further details regarding this program and all of the wellness offerings can be found in the 2014 NOVAfit! Wellness Guide.      

Wellness Fast Facts

IBX Healthy Steps Mobile Application

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- Track the distance, length and speed of your workouts

- Follow the path of favorite walks and runs

- Track how many calories you burned

- Share your workout status with friends using Facebook, Twitter or SMS messages

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Independence Blue Cross Healthy Steps Videos

Are you looking for some creative ways to workout in the Philadelphia area? Check out the short videos below.

IBX Healthy Steps – Katie Cavuto Boyle Healthy Recipes:

IBX Healthy Steps – Get Out, Get Fit with Kimberly Garrison:

On-Campus Nova Care Rehabilitation

NovaCare Rehabilitation has partnered with Villanova University to provide on-campus physical therapy services to the entire campus community.  All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to take advantage of this convenience. Rehabilitation services are provided in the athletic training suite, located in the Jake Nevin Fieldhouse. 

NovaCare Rehabilitation accepts most major health care plans including those offered to Villanova University employees.  To schedule an appointment or to answer your rehabilitation questions, contact the clinical team at (610) 688-7776 or