Tuition Remission for Part-Time Faculty and Staff

* Applies only to employees who are regularly scheduled to work 1,000 hours or more per year.


Part-time faculty, staff, spouses and dependent children are eligible for tuition remission according to the schedules provided below. The following terms and provisions (which are consistent with, and analogous to, those that govern tuition remission for full-time faculty and other full-time and part-time employees) apply.

Tuition Remission Schedule for Part-time Faculty & Staff hired before August 30, 1999:

Completed years of continuous service Tuition Remission for Part-Time Faculty/Staff (self) Tuition Remission for Spouses & Dependents of Part-Time Faculty/Staff
1 through 3

50% remission

25% for Division of Part-time Studies, graduate* courses, and/or Summer Session

4 through 6

75% remission

50% for Division of Part-time Studies, graduate* courses, and Summer Session; 30% for regular undergraduate and Law*

7 through 9

100% remission

75% for Division of Part-time Studies, graduate* courses, and Summer Session; 60% for regular undergraduate and Law*

10 through 12

90% remission

13 and over

100% remission

Tuition Remission Schedule for Part-time Faculty & Staff hired after August 30, 1999:

Tuition Remission for Part-time Faculty/Staff (self) Tuition Remission for Spouses & Dependents of Part-time Faculty/Staff
1 through 3 completed years continuous service: 50% remission 1 through 4 completed years continuous service: No tuition remission
4 through 6 completed years continuous service: 75% remission 5 through 9 completed years continuous service: 25% tuition remission*
Over 7 completed years continuous service: 100% remission 10 through 12 completed years continuous service: 50% tuition remission*
Over 13 completed years continuous service: 50% tuition remission*

**For students entering Fall, 2003 or later, tuition remission will not apply toward graduate or Law school tuition.


Eligibility for tuition remission is based on the number of years of a part-time faculty or staff member’s continuous service at Villanova, as indicated on the above charts.

Part-time Faculty

A year of service for part-time faculty consists of a fall-spring-summer sequence during which the part-time faculty member teaches a total of six or more credit hours (graduate or undergraduate). Beginning in September, 1999, a one year break in the continuity of service will not be deemed an interruption of continuous service if the faculty member has taught at Villanova for a total of at least five full years (at six or more credits per year). A break in service of two years (either consecutive or non-consecutive) will not be deemed an interruption of service for those faculty who have taught at Villanova for ten or more years (at six or more credits per year). Once a faculty member achieves eligibility for tuition remission during any given academic year (fall, spring, summer), the indicated amount of remission may be applied during the following fall, spring, or summer; and it may continue to be applied as long as eligibility is maintained.

Part-time Staff

A year of service for part-time staff consists of a rolling calendar year forward from the employee’s date of hire in which the employee has worked at least 1000 hours.

Part-Time Faculty & Staff Eligibility and Restrictions

Subject Part-Time Faculty (self) Spouses and Dependents

Coverage of tuition/fees

Tuition only (according to schedule)

Tuition only (according to schedule)

Courses available for tuition remission

All undergraduate and graduate courses except courses in the School of Law

Starting fall semester, 2003, only undergraduate courses and those graduate courses approved for application toward the baccalaureate degree

Maximum number of courses/credits

Two courses in any semester or summer session

Maximum of 175 credit hours attempted. Beginning with the fall semester, 2003, no tuition remission will be available after the spouse or dependent has achieved a bachelor’s degree.

Age restrictions


Eligibility for dependent children entering Villanova extends only through the fall semester of the year prior to the 24th birthday. The University reserves the right to require proof of dependency status.

Eligibility for
on-campus housing


Children of PT faculty/staff who receive tuition remission are not eligible for regular on-campus housing. They may apply for available residence hall rooms on a semester-to-semester basis; however, holding a residence hall space in any given semester does not qualify one for a space in any following semester. See below for further details.

The dependent children of part-time faculty and staff who wish to apply for on-campus housing as a normal part of the admission to the University (as opposed to the semester-by-semester available housing described above) must forgo tuition remission. Such students may also apply for financial assistance through the normal procedure. If at some point, these dependents choose to live off-campus, they would then become eligible for tuition remission.

In cases of financial need, part-time employee dependents are eligible to apply for Villanova financial assistance through the normal procedures, and all are strongly encouraged to apply for external public and private grants and scholarships. Part-time employee dependents wishing to forego tuition remission in order to be eligible for residence living may also apply for financial assistance through the normal channels.

Other Eligibility Requirements

  1. A child may receive tuition remission for part-time study, but in order to qualify for tuition remission as a part-time student, the employee's child must still be claimed as an exemption on the parent's federal income tax return. In order to claim an exemption for a child who is age 19 or older, the child must not earn on his or her own more than the amount of that year's federal tax exemption amount. If a child is enrolled as a full time student, the earnings limitation does not apply. Thus a student who is taking classes only part-time must restrict his or her own earnings to the stated exemption amount.
  2. Currently, tuition benefits for undergraduate programs for the employee, spouse, and eligible dependents are non-taxable. Tuition benefits for employees for graduate courses (up to a maximum value of $5,250 per year) are currently tax-free as well.
  3. University Retirees, their spouses and eligible dependent children continue to be eligible for tuition remission benefits upon the employee’s retirement from the University.

If you move from a part time to a full time position, HR will calculate an adjusted date of hire that will be used for tuition, retirement eligibility and vacation entitlement. If you previously worked for Villanova and were rehired, previous service may be applied to retirement plan eligibility.

Courses that are excluded under the Tuition Remission Program

  • Summer Business Institute
  • Executive MBA
  • All Continuing Study Courses
  • Any courses offered that are not for credit
  • On-line graduate courses offered through University Alliance/Bisk
  • Any and all Study Abroad Courses