Tuition Remission Application Procedures

Apply online using Novasis

Eligible employees must apply on-line for tuition remission  through Novasis every semester, as soon as their eligible dependent has registered for classes.

  • Log onto Novasis using your user name and password. If you are not sure of your Novasis password, just go to
    • Click on secure login, and the link, “Don't know your Novasis Pin?”. This will allow you to acquire your Novasis password information.
  • Choose "Employee" from the main menu
  • Choose "Apply for Tuition Remission"
  • "Select a Student" using the dropdown box,
  • Click "Select a Term", select a term using the dropdown box
  • Click "Display Classes"
  • Click the "Submit for Approval" button

If you wish to apply for remission for another student,

  • Click "Select Another Student"
  • Follow the same procedure as above.

You will receive an approval message and an email confirmation of all transactions.

If you do not receive an approval message, you will be directed to call Rose Clinton in Human Resources at 9-4598.

How to Apply

All Full and Part time Faculty and staff and their dependants are eligible to apply through Novasis.