Tuition Remission

The Villanova University Tuition Remission Program is designed to provide employees and their eligible dependents tuition assistance for eligible courses taken at Villanova. Upon meeting eligibility, an employee is eligible to receive tuition remission toward their pursuit of an undergraduate or graduate degree. Eligible dependents (spouse and biological or legally adopted children claimed as tax dependents under the age of 23) can pursue an undergraduate degree upon meeting eligibility. Please note that for dependents, there is a maximum of 175 attempted undergraduate credits, or the attainment of the baccalaureate degree, whichever comes first. A co-payment may apply depending on your date of hire with the University.

Eligible employees must apply for tuition remission on-line through Novasis every semester, as soon as their eligible dependent has registered for classes.

Courses that are excluded under the Tuition Remission Program

  • Summer Business Institute
  • Executive MBA
  • All Continuing Study Courses
  • Any courses offered that are not for credit
  • On-line graduate courses offered through University Alliance/Bisk
  • Any and all Study Abroad Courses