Child Care Subsidy Plan

This benefit plan is administered through WageWorks, who also administers our Flexible Spending Accounts and Commuter Benefit Plan. All full-time permanent faculty and staff are eligible and the benefit amount described below is provided on a one per family basis.

The Child Care Subsidy Plan is an employer-funded pre-tax plan. The University provides a calendar year contribution of $750 pro-rated over each pay period, which can be used for qualifying childcare expenses for eligible tax dependent children up to the earlier of age 6 or the start of kindergarten.

Eligible Expenses

Au Pair; Babysitting (work-related, in your home or someone else’s, but not provided by your own tax dependent); Child Care, Educational Services (for preschool, but not kindergarten or above); Nanny; Preschool; Nursery School; Summer Day Camp.

Government Requirements

This program runs on a fiscal year (June 1st - May 31st) and only eligible expenses incurred during that time period will be considered for reimbursement. The University does provide a 2 1/2 month grace period to incur claims and another 2 1/2 months for submitting claims. This is the same as is provided for the FSA programs. This means that claims must be incurred by the August 15th following the completion of the plan year and submitted no later than the October 31st following the completion of the plan year. Keep track of your account balances, and plan ahead to make sure you spend the full amount before the plan year ends. Otherwise, you will forfeit the remaining balance in accordance with IRS regulations. The IRS limit for you and your spouse combined is $5,000 annually for pre-tax employer and employee contributions toward dependent care expenses. This plan is subject to annual non-discrimination testing to verify that it does not favor highly compensated employees, in accordance with IRS regulations. We will advise our employees who are impacted if there is a testing issue in any given calendar year.

Participating in the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

If you enrolled in the employee-funded Dependent Care FSA and wish to change your election, you may do so by completing a new enrollment form. If you enrolled in the maximum $5,000 permitted by the IRS and also wish to enroll in the new Child Care Subsidy Plan, you must reduce your contribution to $4,250 as the maximum applies to all employee and employer funds.


An open enrollment period is held in the spring for employees to enroll in the Child Care Subsidy Plan effective June 1st. In accordance with IRS regulations, you must elect to enroll in the plan prior to the start of the plan year. Enrollments and changes are permitted mid-year only within 30 days of a qualifying life status event (e.g. marriage, divorce, birth, adoption of a child). 

WageWorks Claim Process

Once the Human Resources Department has processed your enrollment with WageWorks, a confirmation of your election and a link to the WageWorks website is e-mailed to you. This is where claims process details can be found. 

This is intended as a summary only and, if a dispute should arise, the legal plan document and contract will always govern. Villanova University plans to continue this benefit plan but reserves the right to terminate, suspend, withdraw, amend or modify any benefit plan at any time.

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