Affirmative Action

The Affirmative Action Office coordinates the University-wide affirmative action and equal employment opportunity efforts for all administration, faculty and staff. The Associate Vice President of Human Resources monitors compliance with applicable laws and University policies and practices.

In addition, the Associate Vice President works with hiring departments to develop creative recruitment strategies, and provides information and technical assistance to departments in fulfilling their affirmative action responsibilities.

Additional responsibilities of this office include diversity training and workshops, sexual harassment training and preparation of the University's comprehensive Affirmative Action Plan.

Letter from the Affirmative Action Officer

Dear Colleague:

As Affirmative Action Officer for the University, I am pleased to share with you the Support of Action Programs Section from the University’s most recent Affirmative Action Plan (2011).  

Villanova University’s diversity initiatives that you’ve developed for students, faculty, staff and the community, as documented in the Support of Action Programs Section, are truly impressive. 

Congratulations on your efforts toward making ours a campus truly welcoming to all.

Thank you, 

Ellen Krutz

Associate Vice President of Human Resources

Affirmative Action Officer