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The Greek word polis means more than just a ‘dwelling place or a residence.' In ancient Greece, the polis was also the forum where citizens could realize their intellectual and creative potential. As a community of students coming together to share our thoughts and ideas, our contemporary polis embodies the communal spirit of its namesake. As a forum for members of the community to have their voices heard and express their creativity, Polis is Villanova's student-run magazine dedicated to ideas, creativity, and the arts. It features essays, short fiction, poetry, reviews, photography, and artwork. 

Polis Literary Magazine is a publication of Villanova University and the Villanova University Honors Program. All content is the responsibility of the student-run editorial board. If you have any questions or comments, or are interested in getting involved with Polis in any capacity, e-mail the editor at polislitmag@gmail.com.

Submissions to Polis

Polis publishes one issue per year. Polis accepts submissions of essays, short fiction, poetry, reviews, photography, and artwork year round. Photography submissions should be of the highest resolution possible.  Submissions should be sent via e-mail to polislitmag@gmail.com or submitted to the Honors Program office in Garey Hall. Questions or comments can be directed to the Editors in Chief at polisliterarymagazine@gmail.com.

Editors in Chief

Elaine Roghanian
Mary Finnegan

Contributing Editors

Eric Aldieri
Sage Baisden
Heather Ford
Katherine Growland
Kelsey Hanson
Elizabeth Kohen
Alexandra Larew
Michael Lobman
Brian Lynch
Matthew Powers
Alexandra Steiner
Kelsey Tyler
Abigail Wilson

Molly Langan Photo Credit

Spring 2015 Photo Contest Winner: Molly Langan

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