Honors Program Interdisciplinary Scholars

Interdisciplinary Humanities Class of 2015

Villanova University’s Honors Program Interdisciplinary Scholars is the most prestigious academic program in the institution.  A unique opportunity to explore the classics of Western civilization in a seminar setting, the Interdisciplinary Scholar sequence is a team-taught experience in the Humanities that brings together the university’s best faculty and its most exceptional students in a study of the texts and cultures that define our world.  The Interdisciplinary Scholar sequence is designed as a three-semester series, beginning in the first semester of the first year, that also fulfills the College of Arts and Sciences’ Core Requirements, giving students the opportunity to study the core disciplines of Theology, Philosophy, Literature, Social Science, and History in  a way that enables these disciplines to speak to one another in a comprehensive class experience.

In recognition that learning only begins in the classroom, the  Honors Program Interdisciplinary Scholars continue to engage their studies by visiting  museums and sites, and attending plays that are relevant to the material being studied.  In the first course of the sequence, students also have the opportunity to engage ancient texts in exercises in dramatic interpretation and performance.

Honors Program Interdisciplinary Scholars invariably receive a large share of awards and scholarships when they graduate—from Medallions of Excellence at Villanova's commencement exercises to graduate university fellowships and postgraduate national fellowships like the Fulbright, Goldwater, National Science Foundation, Rhodes and Truman Scholarships.  In addition, graduating seniors and returning alumni have said that “Interdisc” remained one of their most significant experiences at Villanova.

This learning cohort best for students in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, and Business.