Freshman Learning Cohorts

learning cohorts

A learning cohort is a living and learning community, in which Honors students take themed classes together and live in the Honors dorm on South Campus. The themed classes in the cohorts allow students to complete Core Requirements around subjects that interest them, and living in the Honors dorm promotes academic excellence and fellowship of likeminded students.

Learning cohorts are an optional, but enriching experience for Honors students. Most Honors students choose to participate in a learning cohort and live in the Honors dorm. Our students enjoy the opportunity in their first semester to meet other students who like learning about the same things they do, and to live with them in close community. Joining a learning cohort makes class discussions more engaging and creates deep friendships.

Students in learning cohorts also take a leadership workshop that involves skill building, discussion, a challenge course, and more!

The Honors Program offers the following Learning Cohorts:

Global Scholars: Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Global Scholars: Independent Humanities Scholars

Business & Society

Medical Humanitites 

Society and Human Behavior 

Good, True, Beautiful Sequence

Honors Interdisciplinary Scholars

Honors students also have the opportunity to participate in a one-credit Leadership workshop.

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