Sociology Faculty Mentors

Rick Eckstein, Ph.D.

State University of New York, 1990
Professor of Sociology
Office: SAC 285; Phone: 610-519-4772

Rick Eckstein is a "sports sociologist" interested in how the political and economic configurations of organized sports help perpetuate and legitimate social inequalities. He is currently working on two major projects.  The first concerns the never-ending public financing of professional sports venues.  This research was encapsulated in his 2004 book Public Dollars Private Stadiums but is still ongoing.  The second project explores how the corporatization of higher education (specifically intercollegiate athletics) is ruining girl's youth sports.

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Bernard Gallagher, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania, 1972
Professor of Sociology
Office: SAC 290; Phone: 610-519-4785

Dr. Gallagher’s field is psychiatric sociology which centers upon identifying groups at risk for
mental illness. Over recent years, his research has included a number of psychiatric syndromes
including childhood autism, schizophrenia, transsexualism, psychopaths and sexual predators. Presently, he is concentrating on the birth patterns of schizophrenics with an eye toward uncovering prenatal health problems as possible causes of the debilitating psychosis.

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Brian Jones, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania, 1979
Professor of Sociology
Office: SAC 276; Phone: 610-519-4784

Dr. Jones is a student of the patterns of interpersonal relationships (A.K.A.: social networks) as they bear on your behavior. His approach is through research methods, a set of applied skills for dissecting complex social phenomena. Over the past two years, he has been working on a book entitled Buried Treasure: The Pursuit of Social Capital in America. It presents empirical evidence of the past and present state of society at the level of work, family, social networks and group memberships.

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Satya Pattnayak, Ph.D.

Vanderbilt University, 1990
Professor of Sociology & Political Science; Director, Center for Latin American Studies
Office: SAC 273; Phone: 610-519-4773

Dr. Pattnayak’s research interests include political sociology, political economy, comparative
international development, and comparative ethnic identities and conflict. He has been a consultant to the World Bank on Informal Credit transactions. He is academic advisor to the Government of Canada’s Refugee Board. His recent book publications include: The Return of the State: Globalization, Capital, Coercion, and Development (Yash, 2006); National and Human Security Issues in Latin America: Democracies at Risk (Mellen, 2006); and Economic Performance under Democratic Regime in Latin America in the Twenty-First Century (Mellen 2006, with Lowell Gustafson). In addition, he has published research articles in the International Studies, Journal of Political and Military Sociology, International Journal of Comparative Sociology, International Review of Modern Sociology, among others.

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