Computing Sciences Faculty Mentors

Robert Beck, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania, 1969
Professor of Computing Sciences
Office: MEN 161A; Phone: 610-519-7307

Dr. Beck is interested in human-computer interaction and techniques and metrics for evaluating user interfaces. Some of his students have investigated strategies for evaluating Web pages viewed as user interfaces to information and designs for the interface to perfect smart phone. He is also interested in symbolic computation and algorithms for operations research. His library of computer programs contains routines that use symbolic methods to investigate the structure of Lie algebras and to classify low-dimensional algebras. Recently he is collaborating on research involving mathematical modeling and simulation in biology. Among other questions are those dealing with the efficiency of packing eggs in a body cavity. Professionally he represents the computer science education community in the Pedagogies of Engagement effort of AAC&U and on the curriculum design team for computational science. He also is a mentor for program evaluators for the Computer Science Accreditation Commission of ABET. He teaches courses in human-computer interaction, the organization of programming languages, and an innovative course that combines computing and music called The Laptop Instrument. He is the co-author of the advanced undergraduate text Elementary Linear Programming and co-editor of the collection Lie Algebras: Applications and Computational Methods.

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Hear from our Students

Hear from our Students

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