Medicine and Health Mentors

Ken Koncilja, M.D.

Contact:; (440) 655-8164
Title: Internal Medicine Resident at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Area of expertise/interest: Geriatrics, Preventative Care, and Organized Medicine

While at Villanova, I received my B.S. in Electrical Engineering and minors in Theology and Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical Signal Processing Tract).  After my amazing experience at Villanova, I moved back to Ohio to pursue my M.D. at The University of Toledo College of Medicine.  Using the values and background instilled in my Augustinian honors education at Villanova, I developed an interest in Geriatrics and End-of-Life Care.  This led to involvement in the American Medical Association.  I am now an internal medicine resident at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  I look forward to helping anyone interested in making the jump from a non-traditional pre-med degree to medical school!

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Vaishnavi Mangeshkumar

Title: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (DO Class of 2015)

Areas of expertise/interest: Osteopathic Medicine

I graduated from Villanova in 2008. I did a pre-med post-bacc program at the University of Pennsylvania while working at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I also worked at Lancaster Pediatric Associates and volunteered at Water Street Ministries and Schreiber Pediatrics. I am currently attending the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and will begin my second year this fall.

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Ailene McGuirk

Contact:; 201-679-6273
Title: Territory Manager, Actelion Pharmaceuticals

Areas of Interest/Expertise: My areas of interest include health care reform, politics, and music.

I graduated with a degree in Philosophy in 1998. After a brief (one semester) stint in graduate school for Philosophy, I entered the world of Pharmaceuticals, working for Johnson & Johnson.  I spent seven years in Hospital Sales with J&J, and departed in 2006 to join Novartis Pharmaceuticals.  At Novartis I marketed Xolair, a monoclonal antibody for allergic asthma, to major medical centers in New York and New Jersey.

I recently accepted a position with Europe's largest biotechnology company, Actelion Pharmaceuticals as a territory manager in the Newark, NJ area.

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Lisa Tomaszewski, PhD

Title: Director of Medical Communications at HMP Communications

Areas of expertise/interest: Medical publishing, marketing, project management, editing, writing, travel writing

Although I began my career pursuing a professorship in Brit Lit, my winding path has led me to some interesting places. As I was working on my PhD dissertation I took a job at a medical publishing company and really enjoyed the work. I switched my dissertation topic from a theatrical bent to a medical humanities focus to match my career path. (It became Shakespeare's Doctors.) I have progressed from editing and writing to developing marketing projects. Along the way I have had the opportunity to work on topics beyond clinical medicine including personal finance and travel. I have gathered enough travel writing experience to gain membership in the Society of American Travel Writers and I work on Convention City Guides in my current position (in addition to clinical projects).

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Jenna Troup

Title: Degree Candidate, Harvard School of Public Health

I graduated in May 2011 with a BA in Global Interdisciplinary Studies and French.  My thesis research was in women's health in the developing world (specifically female genital cutting in West Africa), and I was able to pursue that interest with a research fellowship at Pfizer.  I worked in research and development in the infant and maternal nutrition business unit and contributed to a number of projects promoting infant and maternal health and researching health interventions and global health policy.  Since January 2012, I have been working for a university in the Netherlands which collaborates with Pfizer on several research projects.  I have been able to pursue many of the same research projects and get great experience in program development and coordination.  I will continue with this position as I begin a MS program at the Harvard School of Public Health, pursuing a degree in the societal determinants of health for infants and adolescents. 

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Hear from our Students

Hear from our Students

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