Honors Students Study Abroad

Villanova students love to study abroad, and students in the Honors Program are no exception.  From Australia to South America, no destination is out of bounds for Honors students.  Many are able to study abroad through the Connelly Delouvrier scholarship for international study, available only to students active in the Honors Program, and through other national scholarships and grants.  The Honors Program is also excited to announce that students may now receive Honors credit for approved classes taken abroad by registering for an Honors Independent Study Abroad course.  Read on for highlights of the study abroad experiences of Honors students from the past year.

Salmi Cameroon

Ellen Salmi

“This picture is of my home-stay sisters and me in Ngaoundere, Cameroon. Besides staying in Ngaoundere, I also had the chance to visit Yaounde (the capital), Dschang, Bamenda, and Kribi. By travelling throughout the country, I really got to see the great diversity of both the countryside and of Cameroonian traditions and ways of life.”

Armstrong Australia

Katharine Armstrong

“I studied in Melbourne, Australia during the Spring 2011 semester, but was able to travel some throughout Australia and New Zealand. I took this photo at Whakarewarewa Thermal Village in Rotorua, on the northern island of New Zealand. The Thermal Village is a Maori village built around hot thermal springs and bubbling mud pools. Villagers cook, bathe and do washing with water from the village's natural springs.”

Tighe Argentina

Jay Tighe

“I spent the fall semester in Buenos Aires. The city is breathtaking, but one of the highlights of the semester was our trip up north to Salta. We spent a night in the beautiful and remote town of Iruya and early in the morning we climbed one of the mountains surrounding the town. We made it to the top just in time to see the morning clouds begin to lift out of the valleys, an incredible sight.”

Scannell Morocco

Kara Scannell

“Morocco has taught me a lot about hospitality and perception. This place is a result of many cultures that have joined. I can see a struggle with maintaining traditional values while progressing into modernity. One of my favorite memories was a trip to a Berber village. The Berbers are the indigenous people of Morocco-- we were able to see their kind hearts, and the work they put into their land, their dedication to their religion, and their willingness to aid our experience. We also got to go to
the bathhouse (hammam) which was like one big pool party...kind of.”

Grugan DR

Fiona Grugan

“My summer study abroad experience was based in Santiago in the Dominican Republic.  The program was focused on public health, and my research focus was HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections.  While I did spend a lot of time in the classroom, after being taught some theories of community health education, we took our newfound knowledge to the streets and disseminated what we had learned.”

by Nina Rizk, Newsletter co-editor.  Nina is a sophomore Honors Science major.