Honors Goes Global

Honors Independent Study Abroad


Honors students often choose to engage with their studies globally.  In Honors, we believe our students can learn much about their world here at Villanova, but that the experience of Study Abroad is invaluable in order for students to be truly globally minded.

Students interested in receiving Honors credit for their study abroad experience are required to meet with the Honors Director to get courses approved. Students can receive up to six Honors credits through study abroad, and should have their courses approved before their study abroad experience. Credits can be applied toward an Honors credential or to maintain their active status in the Honors Program. 

While many different study abroad programs can be approved for Honors credit, students may also be guaranteed to receive credit by applying to approved programs. While credit is guaranteed, students must still meet with the Honors Director to formalize their granted credits. IES Abroad, CIEE, and Direct Enrollment at specific universities are all pre-approved study abroad opportunities.  Read on to discover the exciting opportunities  that await you!

IES Abroad

IES Abroad, a Chicago-based Study Abroad provider, offers a number of opportunities for Independent Research abroad.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Exploring Dutch Culture and Society

Barcelona, Spain

Scientific Research Methodology

Beijing, China

Recent Chinese History and Civilization

Cape Town, South Africa

Field Experience in Environmental Management, Sustainable Practices, or Public Health

Freiburg, Germany

Environmental Studies and Sustainability Research Assistantship

Milan, Italy

Biology, Microbiology, Experimental Medicine, and the Social Sciences

Santiago, Chile

Public Health Clinical Observation Internship


CIEE is a non-profit international exchange provider, seeking to provide independent study opportunities to students in this world of expansive globalization.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Social Sciences, Irish Studies, Conflict Studies

Cape Town, South Africa

African Studies, Anthropology, Economics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology

Legon, Ghana

African Studies, Archaeology, Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, Music and Theater Arts

Madrid, Spain

Economics, History, Journalism, Literature Criticism/Comparative Literature, Sociology

Madrid, Spain

Law/Legal Studies

Nanjing, China

Chinese Language, Economics, Business, Asian Studies, Chinese History

Perth, Australia

Sustainability, Environmental Science, Public Policy

Santiago, Dominican Republic

Anthropological/Cultural Studies, Caribbean Literature/Music/Dance/Art, Dominican Folklore, Dominican-Haitian Relations, Economics/Political Policy, Environmental Science, Gender Studies, Historical Studies, Linguistic Studies, Poverty Relief, Public Health/HIV and AIDS Programs

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Education, Gender Studies, Migration, Spanish and Caribbean Literature, Linguistics, Religion (Popular Dominican religions and Catholicism)

Seville, Spain

Communications, Humanities, Natural Science, Social Science, Spanish Culture, Fine Arts, Photography, Public Health, and Architecture

Seville, Spain


Shanghai, China

Various programs

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Geography, History, Music (Instrumental or Voice Performance), Political Science, Theology

Taipei, Taiwan

Chinese Language, Asian Studies, Linguistics, Communications, Business, Economics

Direct Enrollment

University of Oxford

Trinity College Dublin

**Please note: This list is not exhaustive and students are welcome to petition for Honors credit from other programs.