One Credit Workshops

HON 5400-001 Mindfulness Meditation

W 3:00-4:45

This course offers a practical, experiential, and theoretical introduction to mindfulness meditation and contemplative practices. Mindfulness is a facultative state that promotes increased creativity, flexibility, clarity, resilience, and peace of mind.  Mindfulness meditation practices are simple yet powerful ways of transforming our everyday lives. These practices can help us to reduce stress, overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and engage more deeply with the world around us.  In this course, we will explore various methods of entering into mindfulness meditation through pranayama (breathing exercises), hatha yoga (body postures), and other contemplative practices. No prior experience with mindfulness, meditation, or yoga are necessary for this course. 

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HON 5400-002 DANCE: Lindy Hop & Swing

W 3:00-4:30

Both of these members of the Swing family are improvised around common basics that allow maximal freedom for each dancer to express themselves creatively while maintaining a connection with their partner.  With mastery of the foundations, students will quickly develop the ability to dance smoothly and confidently.  The dances can be danced with a wide range of energies, from very high to relaxed low energy, and everything between.  And they're both a LOT of fun!

We’ll start with Jazz Era dances like Charleston in order to understand the origins of some classic Lindy Hop moves. Then continue the development through Lindy Hop, which is the high energy dance response to the big band jazz music of the 1930s & 40s and through West Coast Swing, a more contained, subtle response to rhythm & blues music.

As we cover the basics of both of these dances we maintain the goal of having each student find their own natural style of movement.  

Students will explore rhythms & syncopations for you to improvise around as well as connection to your partner, to the music, to the floor, and to yourself.  And learn to create and use energy exchange between dancers, and how proper connection and subtle energy exchange allow development of the non-verbal communication skills needed to dance improvised partner dances well.

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HON 5410-001 Intro to Guitar I

T 4:30-5:45

“Music washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – W.F. Corgill

In this workshop students will learn chords, chord progressions, several different strums, and learn some basic theory as it applies directly to the guitar.  Students will learn to play popular folk, pop, rock and country songs.  This workshop is for beginning students or a refresher for the rusty.  Students must bring an acoustic or electric guitar.

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HON 5410-002 Intro to Guitar II

M 4:30-5:45

“Music is the weapon in the war against unhappiness.” – Jason Mraz

Bring more happiness and joy into your life by making some beautiful music.  This workshop picks up where the Intro to Guitar course left off.  Students will improve their skills, increase their repertoire, build more confidence, explore more advanced concepts that will allow them to play anywhere on the guitar neck.  Come ready to learn more chords, more strums, and more skills that will allow you to play folk, pop, rock and blues tunes more competently and with greater freedom.

Prerequisite: Intro to Guitar I or Professor’s permission.

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HON 5450-003 Intro to Piano

R 4:00-5:15

This workshop focuses on basic piano skills, music terminology, and music theory.  Taught in a dedicated music computer lab, this course is mostly hand-on learning with ample time in front of the piano keyboard.   A variety of beginner piano techniques will be taught and students will be able to play simple versions of many traditional and popular songs upon completion of the course.  

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HON 5460-001 Digital Photography

R 4:00-5:15

This workshop will highlight all aspects of basic digital photography with hands-on time emphasizing composition and creative approaches using the basics of photography: ISO selection and exposure, white balance, lens choices, f-stops and depth of field, shutter speed. Also covered is digital workflow from image capture to archiving.

Participants should have/bring:
Digital camera (preferably DSLR) & manual.

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HON 5460-100 Watercolor

F 6:00-9:00, S 10:00-4:00 (10/2-10/3)

Students will learn basic elements of color theory and painting technique through demonstration and practice. Activities will include color mixing, principles of composition and production of two finished paintings. Focused, diligent participation in what you are doing is required and imagination is encouraged. 

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HON 5460-101 Acrylic on Canvas

F 6:00-9:00, S 9:00-5:00 (11/13-11/14)

Students will learn basic tenets of design and color theory through practice of techniques. Activities will include color mixing exercises, color sketches and the production of a finished 12” x 16” canvas. Emphasis is on technique. Imagination is welcome and encouraged.

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HON 5490-001 Culture Leadership Workshop

R 4:30-5:30 PM

Are you an Honors student interested in one of the special cohorts and interested in honing your leadership knowledge and ability? Are you interested in building a strong community in your residence hall through interacting with peers in and out of the traditional classroom? The Leadership workshop one-credit class is the answer as it provides students with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, others, and what it means to be a leader in any setting. The class is designed to build skills and to build a culture of solidarity and community in Caughlin Hall as you live and learn with your hall mates.

This one-credit course runs through February (into the spring semester)

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HON 549-002 Culture Leadership Workshop

T 4:00-5:00

This course, customized for participants in the Honors Global Scholars Program, is intended to prepare students to living and studying in the UK.  A variety of issues will be covered, ranging from history, politics, and religion to sport, media, and travel.  In addition, a variety of tools will be examined that will help students better immerse themselves into their host culture.  The point is not to ameliorate the effects of culture shock, but to work through it in order to learn as much from this experience as possible.

Limited to the Honors Global Scholars cohorts.

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