One Credit Workshops

HON 5300-001 Real Thinking: Unleashing your Creative Genius

Rebeka Karrant
M 4:30-5:45

Essayist and poet Jonathan Swift said, "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought." This interdisciplinary workshop is designed to provide a deeper understanding of what real creative thinking is, how to think outside the box, outside current systems and processes, and unleash one’s creative genius in accordance with the students own needs, talents, interests and passions.  Learn to think like Thomas Edison, question like Albert Einstein, innovate like Steve Jobs, overcome obstacles to creativity, and understand the spiritual connection to creativity.  Students will increase self-confidence, creative expression, and leadership skills as they learn to envision the impossible, imagine the un-conceived, visualize the artistic, develop and enhance the creative thinking skills necessary to succeed at bringing about lasting change and real solutions to the problems that plague our individual lives, our society and our world today.  This workshop will include lectures, assigned readings, regular participation in class discussions, creative exercises, short written assignments and a short individual presentation that will assist the student in clarity of mind and purpose in their personal expressions of creative genius within their own lives and their respective disciplines of study.

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HON 5400-001 Advanced Lindy Hop

Kelly Ray
T 4:30-6:00

Workshop in the Lindy Hop variety of swing dancing. Open to both beginners and advanced dancers.

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HON 5410-001 Intro to Guitar Workshop

Rebeka Karrant
R 4:30-5:45

“Music washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – W.F. Corgill

In this workshop students will learn chords, chord progressions, several different strums, and learn some basic theory as it applies directly to the guitar.  Students will learn to play popular folk, pop, rock and country songs.  This workshop is for beginning students or a refresher for the rusty. Students must bring an acoustic or electric guitar.

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HON 5460-001: Digital Photography

John Welsh
R 4:00-5:15

This workshop will highlight all aspects of basic digital photography with hands-on time emphasizing composition and creative approaches using the basics of photography: ISO selection and exposure, white balance, lens choices, f-stops and depth of field, shutter speed. Also covered is digital workflow from image capture to archiving.

Participants should have/bring:
Digital camera (preferably DSLR) & manual.

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HON 5490-003 Tutoring Techniques

Nicole Subik
Friday, 11/7 Evening-Saturday, 11/8 Day

This workshop is designed to teach the skills needed to be an effective tutor. Through role-playing scenarios and hands-on activities, students will learn tutoring techniques for a variety of subjects and situations. Tutoring is an important, worthwhile service in demand both on and off campus. Our goal will be for students to master the fundamentals so that they can confidently add tutoring skills to their resumes.

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HON 5490-001 Cultural Leadership Workshop

Byrnes, Gigliotti, Russell
T 4:00-5:00

(Limited to the Good True Beautiful Cohort and the Global Scholars Cohort)

Are you an Honors student interested in one of the special cohorts and interested in honing your leadership knowledge and ability? Are you interested in building a strong community in your residence hall through interacting with peers in and out of the traditional classroom? The Leadership workshop one-credit class is the answer as it provides students with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, others, and what it means to be a leader in any setting. The class is designed to build skills and to build a culture of solidarity and community in Caughlin Hall as you live and learn with your hall mates.

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HON 5490-002 Culture Leadership Workshop: Introduction to British Life & Culture

Lance Kenney
T 4:00-5:00

(Limited to the Honors Global Scholars cohort)

This course, customized for participants in the Honors Global Fellows Program, is intended to prepare students to living and studying in the UK.  A variety of issues will be covered, ranging from history, politics, and religion to sport, media, and travel.  In addition, a variety of tools will be examined that will help students better immerse themselves into their host culture.  The point is not to ameliorate the effects of culture shock, but to work through it in order to learn as much from this experience as possible.

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