Thesis Track and Oral Exam Track Courses

HON 6000-001: Senior Thesis I


This purpose of this course is to help you design, research, and write an excellent senior thesis.  We will meet once per week throughout the first part of the semester in order to discuss your interests and hone your thesis topic and research design.  We will be in touch after the mid-term break to discuss your progress on your research to date.  Towards the end of the semester, you will present the result of your research thus far at a research workshop attended by your senior thesis class, your Tutors and Readers, and underclass Honors majors.   We will meet before then so that you can practice presenting your research to each other.  At that time, you are expected to have draft of the thesis.  I will be working closely with your Tutor and Reader throughout the course of the semester to make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of deadlines and work expected.

We have set up an FAQ page on the Honors Website that might help you.

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HON 6002-001: Senior Thesis II

No official meeting time

Required of all December graduating students who are completing the senior thesis.

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HON 6003-001 One Credit Oral Exam Capstone

No official meeting time

Required of all December graduating students completing the Oral Exam Track. This course serves as the capstone for oral examination track students.  Students will write a 5 page paper that integrates knowledge obtained from 3 upper-level Honors courses.  This paper will be used as the basis for the oral examination held at the end of the semester.  The examination will be conducted by a committee made up of 2 of the 3 professors from the chosen upper-level Honors courses.

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