Fedigan Hall

Fedigna Hall will be renovated during the 2009 summer session and will be converted to a “green dorm” and a model of sustainability for the Villanova campus. The design of the project will be a partnership between the Facilities Management Office and the College of Engineering as a number of research related sustainability initiatives are considered as part of the final design, including Solar Power, Geothermal heating/cooling, Solar Thermal hot water, and antibacterial materials.

The project is being designed to LEED-EB standards with a goal of a Gold certification. Aside from energy efficient and renewable systems, the project will also include locally produced materials, materials with recycled content, and thermally efficient windows.

Another key component of the project, and part of the LEED-EB process, is evaluating the way the building is operated and maintained, including the recycling efforts of the residents. The goal is to use what is learned during this analysis to create more sustainable maintenance, custodial, and recycling efforts within all buildings on campus. Project Team: Facilities Management Office College of Engineering Office of Residence Life Blackney Hayes Architects Pisarek Engineering Irwin & Leighton (Construction Managers)

Check back soon to see information on the green kiosk and learn about the green attributes of Fedigan Hall (including the LEED scorecard).

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