The following groups are committees within EHS:

  • University Safety Committee - The Committee, which includes representation from Administration and Staff is authorized to implement and monitor the comprehensive University-wide safety program. The Committee shall identify, direct or implement any programs deemed necessary to create a safe environment and eliminate or reduce, to the extent possible, hazards to staff, students and visitors. The Committee meets monthly.

    University Safety Committee Representatives are:

    • Athletics
    • Dining Services
    • Environmental Health & Safety
    • HRH Insurance
    • Facilities Management
    • Financial Affairs
    • Human Resources
    • Insurance Management
    • PMA Insurance
    • Public Safety
    • Residence Life
    • VEMS

  • Employee Safety Committee - To enhance workplace safety for employees by providing safety awareness, hazard identification and recommendations for correction action. This will be accomplished through providing staff with greater awareness of safety and the hazards on campus. The committee is composed of Custodial, Maintenance, Grounds, Steam Plant, Dining Services, Public Safety and EH&S. The committee meets every other month.

    Our purpose is:
    • To provide a forum where employees can bring health and safety issues for discussion and resolution.
    • To give employees an opportunity to make recommendations for improving safety on the campus through improving safety policies and practices.
    • To serve as a liaison between employees, supervisor and EH&S for health and safety of employees of the university.

      If you have any questions regarding the Employee Safety Committee, please contact EH&S at 9-3801.
  • Radiation Safety Committee - The Radiation Safety Committee is charged with reviewing new protocols and recommending safety policies and procedures. The primary duty of the committee is to provide advice to the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) in an effort to keep the university in compliance with the requirements of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission(NRC) and the State of Pennsylvania. The Radiation Safety Program is committed to providing the safest possible environment for our faculty, staff, students, employees, visitors and volunteers. This will be accomplished via compliance with Federal, State and Local mandates. This program will include education, monitoring, inspection and evaluation of all areas that employ radioactive materials.

    The Radiation Safety Committee membership includes: one authorized user for each science department on the license; the Radiation Safety Officer; the Director of Environmental Health & Safety; and a representative of management who is neither an authorized user nor the Radiation Safety Officer. The RSO and Committee will ensure that licensed material is used safely, and in compliance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations and the federal and state institutional licenses. The Committee will further ensure that the use of licensed material is consistent with the ALARA (As low as reasonably achievable) philosophy and will identify program problems and solutions. The Committee will oversee the operations of the Radiation Safety Program and will audit their activities on an annual basis. Please contact Jay Strieb, the Radiation Safety Officer or the Director of EH&S for additional information.
  • University Laboratory Safety Committee - meets monthly and is composed of representatives from all science departments, the Mendel Building Manager and representatives from EH&S.

    Our functions are:
    • to discuss and resolve environmental, health and safety issues;
    • to improve safety policies and practices;
    • to serve as a liaison between laboratory personnel, principal investigators and EH&S.

      If you would like to join the ULSC or have any questions regarding laboratory safety, please contact EH&S at 9-3801 or Eric Welsh at 9-8989.
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