Direct Deposit

University employees may sign up for Direct Deposit Reimbursement through the Procurement Department. Employees can receive their reimbursement for travel and business expenses directly into their specified bank accounts. Direct Deposit Payments are regularly processed on Mondays and Thursdays. During the beginning of each semester, a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule is observed. (Note: during short week holidays the schedule may vary). Benefits of getting expenses deposited directly into your personal bank account include:

  • Funds are available the morning of the deposit rather then waiting to receive your check in the campus mail and then physically taking it to the bank
  • Avoid the risk of lost or stolen checks
  • Eliminate the guess work of when an expense payment will be available
  • Avoid the time and hassle of long lines at the bank

Signing up for the direct deposit can be done by filling out and sending a Reimbursement Direct Deposit Request Form to the Procurement Department.

Contact Information

Wendy Kinsey
Disbursement Manager
Phone: ext. 94245

Claudia Cashion-Boyle
Procurement Specialist
Phone: ext. 97289