These forms are used to authorize supplemental payment for amounts other than an employee’s base salary.

You may list more than one employee, and/or more than one payment, on a single form.  However, list only faculty members on the faculty form, and only staff members on the staff form.

  • Student Supplementals will still utilize the paper format which can be found under the forms section of this web site.
  • Do not send paper copies of staff or faculty forms.  Instead vtulize the email buttons on the form to send through the approval process.
  • Only the VP should submit to Payroll


Please submit in accordance with the appropriate pay schedule.  All information must be completed.  Incomplete forms will be returned, and may delay payment.



***While the S.P.A. approval process will vary depending on internally-established

procedures for individual departments, all forms require Vice President level final approval prior to submission to Payroll.***




The Faculty Supplemental Payment Authorization form
should be submitted to: Provost

The Staff Supplemental Payment Authorization form should be submitted to: Vice President


Looking for a copy of your pay stub? Need a copy of last years W-2? Interested in year to date earnings and deduction information? Have you forgotten what you are claiming on your W-4? The answer to these questions, and others, is simple! Log into Villanova University's NOVASIS web site. Once you have logged on, click Employee Services.