Web Time Entry

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Student Web Time Entry?

Student Web Time Entry is a time keeping method for student employees. It replaces the paper time sheet; allowing a student worker to enter hours using a Web-based form in NOVASIS. The student's supervisor will access and approve completed time sheets through NOVASIS.

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Is Web Time Entry Available for me to use?

Click here for a list of departments currently using Web Time Entry.

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If my department is not on the list, what should I do?

You should continue to use our "paper" time sheet. Click here for an Adobe PDF version of the student time sheet.

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My department is on the list, how do I learn how to use Web Time Entry?

Web Time entry is very user friendly. Click here for instructions.

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Why is Web Time Entry being rolled out to the campus?

We are making Web Time Entry available to provide an efficient, easy to use method of reporting time worked. It will provide for a more efficient method of reporting time by eliminating the completing, mailing, and processing of "paper" time sheets.

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What if I work overtime?

As a student employee, you are entitled to overtime pay if pre-approved by your supervisor, in the amount of 1.5 times your regular rate of pay. In any week that you work more than 40 hours, make sure your supervisor contacts Payroll to initiate overtime pay.

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I have more than one job at Villanova. Why is one job listed but my other job is not?

We are currently rolling out web time entry across campus. Only positions in departments currently using web time entry will be displayed in NOVASIS.

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I forgot to submit my hours for approval. What do I do now?

You will need to print your time sheet from Web Time Entry, sign it, and give it to your Supervisor for approval. Your supervisor will sign the time sheet and send it to Payroll for processing in thenext payroll cycle. Your time sheet will not be paid in the current cycle.

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I hit the "submit" button by accident; what can I do to enter more hours?

Notify your supervisor; they will be able to send the time sheet back to you for corrections.

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Looking for a copy of your pay stub? Need a copy of last years W-2? Interested in year to date earnings and deduction information? Have you forgotten what you are claiming on your W-4? The answer to these questions, and others, is simple! Log into Villanova University's NOVASIS web site. Once you have logged on, click Employee Services.