International SOS

Villanova University has partnered with International SOS to provide worldwide assistance and evacuation services for students and employees on University sponsored travel abroad. International SOS is the world's leading international healthcare, medical assistance, and security services company. The services provided by International SOS range from telephone advice from a physician, referrals to more than 68,000 global, vetted providers to medical and security evacuations. The International SOS network of multilingual specialists is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from 27 alarm centers around the world. Call International SOS any time to speak with a physician or security specialist about simple or critical matters.

When you and your students are abroad, the International SOS membership card should be carried at all times. It contains the University's membership number, 11BYSG000006, and phone number, +1.215.942.8478, to the International SOS scholastic alarm center.  Typically, the department which arranges your travel will provide International SOS membership cards to you. Otherwise, Risk Management can always be contacted for a supply of membership cards. You can also print a copy of the membership card.

Below is a summary of the benefits to our International SOS membership.

Before your trip:

While abroad:

  • Seek health, safety, and security advice
  • Speak with an experienced, internationally-trained doctor or security specialist
  • Locate a a local doctor or other provider credentialed by our medical staff
  • Require supplies of medication or equipment
  • Seek travel advice on loss of travel documents or legal assistance

In an emergency, call us right away to:

  • Arrange medical transportation or care
  • Coordinate medical fees, when approved
  • Monitor your condition and advise
  • Evacuate you to a center of medical excellence if local care is inadequate or to a secure location
  • Provide help if your safety is at risk
  • Contact your family

Using the International SOS Program

In order to utilize any of the medical, security, or travel services listed, contact an International SOS alarm center from anywhere in the world by calling directly or by calling collect (+1.215.942.8478). While we have designated the scholastic number in Philadelphia in the United States as our primary contact, any of the International SOS alarm centers will assist you. Please provide the below when calling for prompt service:

  • Your name, location, age, sex, and nationality
  • The program with which you are associated: Villanova University abroad program in _____.
  • Your International SOS membership number (11BYSG000006).
  • The telephone number from which you are calling in case you are disconnected.
  • Your relationship to the member (if you are calling for someone else).
  • Name, location, and telephone number of the hospital or clinic from where you are calling, if applicable.
  • Name, location, and telephone number for the treating doctor and where the doctor can be reached, if applicable.

Examples of when to call International SOS:

  • You need health, safety, or security advice
  • You need to speak with an experienced, internationally-trained doctor or security specialist
  • You need a local doctor or other provider credentialed by International SOS's medical staff
  • You require medication
  • You need travel advice regarding loss of travel documents or legal assistance

Contact Information

International SOS
Villanova University's Member Number: 11BYSG000006
24/ 7 Scholastic Phone Number: +1.215.942.8478

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For More Information

Please contact Ashlie Feick, Director of Insurance and Risk Management, with any questions with regard to the Insurance and Risk Management Website.