Organization Budget Status Form

This form enables you to see how your department is performing compared to budget. To access this form, enter an Index or Organization and Fund and press the "Page Down" ("PgDn") key or click on the "Next Block" icon.

Unless you specify otherwise, the form will display expense information only. If you also want to see revenue activity, you must click the "Include Revenue Accounts" box before pressing "PgDn". (Unless you are specifically looking for revenue activity, do not click this box, since it will affect the way the information is displayed.)

A brief description of the fields on the form follows:

  • Acct - This is the numeric Account Code, which indicates the type of revenue or expense (e.g., office supplies, ticket sales, student wages, etc.).
  • Type - There are three possible values for this field: "R" for Revenue, "L" for Labor Expense, or "E" for Non-Labor Expense.
  • Title - This is the description associated with the Account Code. If the description is too long to be displayed, and you would like to view the full description, place the cursor in the field and press "Ctrl/E" (hold down the "Control" ("Ctrl") key and press "E"). Doing so will open a box with the full description.
  • Adj Budget - This field displays the amount of the authorized budget for the fiscal year for each Account Code, including any adjustments that were made.
  • YTD Activity - This field displays actual fiscal year-to-date activity for each Account Code (revenue and expenses).
  • Commitments - This field displays the open balance for any requisitions that have not yet been converted to purchase orders, and purchase orders that have not yet been invoiced.
  • Avail Bal - This is a calculated field displaying the available budget for each Account Code. It is calculated by subtracting "YTD Activity" and "Commitments" from the amount of the "Adj Budget".