Detail Transaction Activity Form

This form provides supporting detail for the totals displayed on the Organization Budget Status Form.

To access this information from the Organization Budget Status Form, click on the field for which you would like supporting detail (i.e., the "Adj Budget", "YTD Activity", or "Commitments" column), and then click on "Transaction Detail Information" listed under "Options" on the left side of the screen. The system will then take you to the Detail Transaction Activity Form.

A description of the major fields on the form follows:

  • Acct - This is the Account Code, which indicates the type of revenue or expense (e.g., office supplies, ticket sales, student wages, etc.).
  • Type - This field describes the nature of the transaction. Some of the common types that may be helpful to know are:

BD0n or UBD3 budget entry
CORD change order (to a purchase order)
HGNL payroll entry
INEI an invoice against a commitment (purchase order)
INNI an invoice from a request for payment - no commitment
Jxxx journal entry
POLQ system-generated transaction to remove the commitment from a requisition, when it is converted to a purchase order
PORD purchase order (creating the commitment)
REQP requisition (creating the commitment)
RCQP requisition cancellation (removing the commitment)
  • Document - This is the reference number for the document that created the transaction. The first letter or letters of the document number indicate the document type. Some of the common document types are listed below:
I invoice
P purchase order
R requisition
CCVS VISA procurement card entry
DCCC departmental charge - Copy Center
DCCD departmental charge - Creative Design
DCCPE departmental charge - Cell Phone Charges
DCCS departmental charge - Custodial
DCDN departmental charge - Dining Services
DCMN departmental charge - Maintenance (Facilities Services)
DCOB departmental charge - Office Basics
DCON departmental charge - Connelly Center
DCPO departmental charge - Postage and Bulk Mail
DCPS departmental charge - Fuel Charges
DCSR departmental charge - Storeroom Charges
DCTL departmental charge - Telecommunications
DUPS departmental charge - UPS
JEAA journal entry
TAVx travel advance charges
WCJE Wildcard Office journal entry
  • Description - The information in this field varies, depending on the type of document. For requisitions, it contains the name of the requestor. For invoices and purchase orders, it contains the name of the vendor. For journal entries, it contains a description of the transaction. To display this field, you must use the scroll bar on the bottom of the form, or press the "Tab" button six times, to get past the Document field.
  • Amount and D/C - Positive numbers (those with a "+" in the D/C column) indicate an increase in revenue or expenses; negative numbers (those with a "-" in the D/C column), represent a decrease in revenue or expenses.