Undergraduate Program Rates Colleges: Arts & Science, Engineering, Nursing, School of Business 2015 - 2016

  Tuition Per Credit
Student Health Fees
All Colleges $46,966 $1,960 $300 $350

Villanova begins producing Fall semester bills in July (due in August) and Spring semester bills in November (due in December).
Semester Charges are:

Semester Tuition    Per Credit     General   Student Health
      Rate                   Rate            Fees           Fees
    $23,483               $1,960         $150          $175

  1. Per credit rate is charged for students registered in 1-11 credits in a semester*
  2. An Orientation Fee is charged to first year, full-time day students. - $150

    *Note: Effective in the Fall of 2016, undergraduates will be charged the semester tuition rate if they are enrolled in 9 credits or more in that semester.  If enrolled in 8 credits or less in a semester, undergraduates will be charged the per credit rate (1/9 of the semester tuition rate) for each credit hour taken.



The V-bill is your web accessible student account invoice. Students and parents have the ability to view, print, and pay the invoice through the web.

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