Web for Finance

Banner WEB for Finance is web based tool which provides a simplified budget status query of live data from Banner Finance and actual budget transfer capability between detailed account codes of your departmental budget. While this product contains many other features which will be introduced at a later time, the initial rollout includes Telephone Utilization and budget based applications.

Budget Transfer

Reallocate Unrestricted budget funds for Operating Expense Accounts within the areas of your budget administration. Please note Revenue and Labor account transfers are not permitted using this form.

Budget Query

View via this WEB form your departmental budget status

Telephone Utilization

Review usage of telephone detail within your cost center. This information was available in prior years and now brought back via this WEB product.

Telephone Utilization On-Line Form

Fiscal Periods

Villanova University's Financial Reporting runs on a fiscal year period from June 1 to May 31. For example, Fiscal year 2000/2001 runs from June 1, 2000 to May 31, 2001. Therefore, the first month of our Fiscal Period is June and continuous through May as follows:

Fiscal Period Month Fiscal Period Month
01 June 08 January
02 July 09 February
03 August 10 March
04 September 11 April
05 October 12 May
06 November 13 Do Not Use
07 December 14 Fiscal Year to Date

Please note Fiscal Period 14 should be used to capture the entire Fiscal Year to Date Expenses as it includes any adjustments made after the fiscal period ends on May 31. If viewing a previous fiscal year, please use Period 14 to ensure all the data is retrieved.

The fiscal period selected reflects fiscal year to date information not monthly totals. Therefore, if you select Period 09, the information in your query includes year to date expenses from June 1 through February.

Problems printing in WEB for Finance?

We welcome any suggestions and/or comments for the WEB for Finance product, john.mclaughlin@villanova.edu