YEPS & Budget Deadline

Fiscal Year 2015 YEPS Information Deadlines

Projection Budget Office Deadline Board of Trustees Meeting*
1st Quarter 09/19/2014 10/07/2014
2nd Quarter 11/17/2014 12/09/2014
3rd Quarter 01/21/2015 02/10/2015
4th Quarter 03/20/2015 04/14/2015

*Materials due one week prior to meeting

Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Information Deadlines

    Due to Budget Office        
FY16 Capital Expense Budget Detail   TBD
FY16 New Position Requests   TBD


FY16 Variable Budget Items:




  • Athletics: Financial Aid distribution
  • Auxiliary Services Budgets
  • Enrollment Management: Confirm Headcount Data
  • Facilities: Utility Projections
  • Financial Aid: Allocations between Programs
  • Human Resources: Benefits Budget
  • International Studies: Enrollments, Program Costs
  • Law School Budget
  • Part-Time & Continuing Studies: Enrollments, Revenue & Expense Projections
  • Residence Life: Occupancy & RA Costs, Off-site Expense
  • UNIT: Student Laptop & PC Refresh Program Budgets
  • University Advancement: Annual Fund Projection
  • University Communications: Charge-outs Revenue Budget
Restricted Fund Activity   10/31/2014
Entrepreneurial Program Activity   10/31/2014
Entrepreneurial Tuition Rates and Enrollments   10/31/2014
Anticipated Use of Accumulated Academic Carry Forward   11/14/2014
Anticipated Use of Accumulated Entrepreneurial Funds   11/14/2014
FY16 Instructional Budget Analysis   11/14/2014
FY16 Tuition Rate & Enrollment Projections - Traditional Graduate Programs