Current Membership

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Academic Years 2014-2016

* denotes University Senator
# cannot be renewed in this role beyond the current academic year



  • Seth Whidden - Chair#
  • Jerusha Conner - Vice Chair
  • Mark Doorley - Secretary#
  • Catherine Warrick - Treasurer


The 15 faculty members of the Academic Policy Committee

Arts-Humanities (2)

Alice Dailey*

[open seat]


Arts-Social Sciences (2)

Catherine Warrick

Kelly Welch*


Arts-Humanities or Social Sciences (2)

Mark Doorley

Susan Mackey-Kallis


Science (3)

John Olson

Paul Pasles

Louise Russo*# (APC chairperson)

VSB (3)

Wayne Bremser*

Paul Hanouna

Wenhong Luo

Engineering (2)

Danai Chasaki

Kenneth Kroos*


Nursing (2)

Nancy Sharts-Hopko*

Joyce Willens


Faculty Rights & Responsibilities Committee (formerly Committee on Faculty; 14 faculty members)

Arts-Humanities (2)

Julie Klein*

Lisa Sewell


Arts-Social Sciences (1)

Katina Sawyer*



Science (2)

Lillian (Boots) Cassel

Thomas Way*


Engineering (2)

Edward Kresch

Sarvesh Kulkarni* (FRRC chairperson)


Law School (1)

Ruth Gordon*



Nursing (2)

Linda Copel

Diane Ellis


VSB (3)

David Fiorenza

Mi (Meg) Luo*

Miron Wolnicki

Faculty Congress Vice Chair

Jerusha Conner



Additional seats on the Faculty Congress

Full-time non-tenure-track faculty (2)

Frank Falcone

Robert O’Neil


Adjunct faculty (2)

Michael McGoldrick

Joseph Micucci


Retired faculty (1)

Joe Betz



At-large faculty representatives (6)

Suzanne Clain

Rick Eckstein

Judith Hadley


Jeremy Kees

Michael Levitan

 Salvatore Poeta