Academic Policy Committee

Academic Policy Committee

The Academic Policy Committee recommends policy in academic matters affecting more than one college. It is composed of faculty members, administrators, and students.


  • Dr. M. Louise Fitzpatrick - Dean, College of Nursing
  • Dr. Gary A. Gabriele - Dean, College of Engineering
  • Dr Adele Lindenmeyr - Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Patrick Maggitti - Provost
  • Dr. Christine Kelleher Palus - Dean, Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Daniel Wright - Interim Dean, Villanova School of Business

Arts (Humanities)

  • Dr. Alice Dailey*, English
  • Dr. Fayette Veverka, Theology & Religious Studies

Arts (Social Sciences)

  • Dr. Catherine Warrick, Political Science
  • Dr. Kelly Welch*, Sociology and Criminal Justice

Arts (Humanities or Social Science)

  • Dr. Mark Doorley, Ethics
  • Dr. Susan Mackey-Kallis, Communication


  • Dr. John Olson, Biology
  • Dr. Paul Pasles, Mathematics
  • Dr. Louise Russo*, Chair, Biology

Villanova School of Business

  • Dr. Wayne Bremser*, Accountancy
  • Dr. Paul Hanouna, Finance
  • Dr. Wenhong Luo, Decision & Information Technologies


  • Dr. Kenneth Kroos*, Mechanical Engineering
  • [open seat]


  • Dr. Nancy Sharts-Hopko*
  • Dr. Joyce Willens


  • Jutta Seiberg, appointed


  • Caitlin Florin, NUR – TE 2016
  • Taylor Grosjean – TE 2016
  • Michael Lamb, VSB - TE 2016
  • Rodrigo Rivera, CLAS – TE 2016
  • Joshua Thomas – Grad Student representative CLAS – TE 2016
  • Ariel Thompson, COE – TE 2016
  • Bobby Roenitz – TE 2016
  • [Grad Representative from Nursing TBD]


  • Dr. Wen Mao, VSB, representative-delegate for Dr. Daniel Wright
  • Dr. Lesley Perry, NUR, representative-delegate for Dr. M. Louise Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. Randy Weinstein, representative-delegate for Dr. Gary Gabriele
  • Dr. Craig Wheeland, representative-delegate for Dr. Patrick Maggitti

*denotes University Senator