2015 Video Competition


"VU"ers Choice Award - Rewarding Creativity

Following Phase I of the VSEC competition in which teams are required to submit a two-minute video describing their idea, the top three most creative videos are selected. Villanova students, staff, faculty and alumni are invited to vote for their favorite VSEC video submission from those three. Below are the three "VU"ers Choice Award Video Nominees for 2015.  The winning video was announced at Pitch Day, Villanova Runs on Holy Grounds.  


Website where students find connections in an effort to buy and sell textbooks.


Organic energy drink based on coffee brewed with nutritious moringa leaves

Villanova Runs on Holy Grounds - 2015 WINNER

Extracting oil from Villanova's used coffee grounds and converting that oil into biodiesel.



II Luscri, Executive Director, ICE Institute