We invite our community to serve as a 'Mentor-on-Call' for the Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition. VSEC teams are encouraged to but not required to seek out mentorship as a part of the competition.

We ask all mentors to provide an unbiased, good faith effort to provide support to student teams who reach out during the competition period (through April 2016). As a mentor, you will have flexibility to decide how and who you want to work with based on who reaches out - this includes meeting in person or virtually depending on availability.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please complete the form below. The information you submitted will be replicated verbatim on this page.


Apply here to be a Mentor on Call



Mentors Contact Information


Name:  Carl Eppolito

Position/Title:  Founder

Company:  Selling As A Science


Idea Interests:  My expertise is in B2B product-market fit, go-to market strategy, revenue models, & sales.


Company Website:

Villanova Grad Info:  Villanova Graduate School of Business '13, MBA

Area of Expertise: Sales, Marketing, Financial Forecasting, Professional Services

Name:  Tony Holland

Position/Title:  Director Strategic Partnerships and Solution Consulting

Company:  Synactive Inc. 


LinkedIn Profile


Idea Interests:  My expertise is in B2B product-market fit, go-to market strategy, revenue models, & sales.

Villanova Grad Info:  EMBA / 2009 

Area of Expertise: Sales, Mobile Apps, Website Design, Design Entrepreneurship, Professional Services

Name:  Frank Homer

Position/Title:  Project Manager/Investor

Company:  Whiting-Turner/The Heylo Foundation


Idea Interests:  Mobile applications, Consumer to Consumer, Health & Fitness, Real Estate, Energy and Sustainability

Villanova Grad Info:  College of Engineering, 2003

Area of Expertise:  Energy and Environment, Sustainability, Investments, Sales, Marketing, Risk Management, Financial Forecasting, Advertising, Public Relations, Manufacturing, Design Entrepreneurship

Name:  Jim Mayhall

Position/Title:  Managing Director

Company:  Main Line Equity Partners


Idea Interests:  SaaS operational platforms, Healthcare IT, Health Care work flow

Villanova Grad Info:  Political Science/Economics A&S - 1993

Area of Expertise:  Investments, Sales, Marketing, Professional Services

Name:  Russ Rosa

Position/Title:  SVP Innovation & Organizational Performance 

Company:  Max Technologies


Idea Interests:  Causing breakthroughs. Innovation. Effective leadership. Executive coaching.

Villanova Grad Info:  VSB 1990 

Area of Expertise:  Risk Management, Social Ventures, Design Entrepreneurship, Professional Services 

Name: Dan Soderberg

Position/Title:  Vice President

Company:  Compass Ion Advisors, LLC 


LinkedIn Profile

Company Website:

Idea Interests:  Renewable Energy, Internet Based Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Area of Expertise: Investments, Sales, Marketing, Risk Management, Professional Services



II Luscri, Executive Director, ICE Institute

Prizes, prizes, prizes!

  • Top Prize - $5,000 (sponsor TBD)
  • Burke Family Second Place Prize – $3,000
  • Memorable Care Third Place Prize - $2,000
  • “VUer’s Choice” prize - $500, Awarded to the team with the best video submission as voted by the Villanova community
  • Halloran Social Venture Prize - $500, Recognizes the top social venture in the VSEC
  • Klingler Unitas Prize - $500, Recognizes the team that makes the greatest strides towards incorporating Villanova’s core value of Unitas through a cross-campus perspective in their mission and/or venture implementation plan

Note: Teams can place in the top 3 and still win categorical prizes for the opportunity to win more prize money.