We invite our community to serve as a 'Mentor-on-Call' for the Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition. VSEC teams are encouraged to but not required to seek out mentorship as a part of the competition.

We ask all mentors to provide an unbiased, good faith effort to provide support to student teams who reach out during the competition period (through April 2015). As a mentor, you will have flexibility to decide how and who you want to work with based on who reaches out - this includes meeting in person or virtually depending on availability.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please complete the form below. The information you submitted will be replicated verbatim on this page.

Apply here to be a Mentor on Call

Mentors Contact Information

Name:  Rob Capone

Position/Title:  Financial Advisor/Business Consultant

Company:  1847 Financial


Idea Interests:  Any idea that optimize processes, reduces costs, or helps those in need


Personal Web Site:

Villanova Grad Info:  Chemical Engineering/'95

Area of Expertise:  Investments, Sales, Marketing, Risk Management, Manufacturing, Retail and Consumer Products, Professional Services

Name:  Fred Catona

Position/Title:  CEO

Company:  Bulldozer Digital Advertising Agency


Idea Interests:  ecommerce advertising marketing - I am the marketer behind Priceline and Free Credit Report .coms

Company or Personal Web Site:

Area of Expertise:  Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations

Name:  Linda Hauck

Position/Title:  Business Librarian

Company:  Falvey Memorial Library


Idea Interests:  Delivering information, insights and data to support strong business proposals is what I do.

Personal Web Site:

Area of Expertise:  Marketing, Advertising, Retail and Consumer Products 

Name:  Frank Homer

Position/Title:  Project Manager/Non-Profit Co-Founder/Real Estate Developer

Company:  Whiting-Turner/The Heylo Foundation/Portcullis Development

Villanova Grad Info: 2003, College of Engineering


Idea Interests:  Consumer to consumer services, product enhancement, hospitality and entertainment, real estate

Area of Expertise:  Energy and Environment, Sustainability, Investments, Sales, Marketing, Financial Forecasting, Advertising, Public Relations, Manufacturing, Intellectual Property, Design Entrepreneurship, Professional Services, Prototyping

Name:  Phillip Macero

Position/Title:  Sr. Strategic Financial Executive

Company:  Gerson Lehrman/Guidepoint Global


Idea Interests:  Strategic Finance, Entreprenurial Projects, Mentoring, Organizational Efficiencies and Modeling.


Area of Expertise:  Sustainability, Marketing, Financial Forecasting, Life Sciences, Design Entrepreneurship

Name:   James Mayhall     

Position/Title: Managing Director

Company: Main Line Equity Partners


Ideas Interests: SaaS based operational software technologies, Healthcare and Education Technologies


Company or Personal Web Site:

Villanova Grad Info: 1993 BA Minor Economics

Area of Expertise:   Investments, Sales, Life Sciences, Professional Services

Name:  Adam Miller

Position/Title:  Startup Attorney

Company or Personal:  Haynes and Boone LLP


Idea Interests:  Interested in mentoring young entrepreneurs to avoid common early stage legal and business pitfalls.


Personal Web Site:

Villanova Grad Info:  VLS, JD/ 2007

Area of Expertise:  Investments, Risk Management, Legal, Intellectual Property, Retail and Consumer Products, Professional Services

Name:   Patrick A Neely     

Position/Title: US Patent and Trademark Office Patent Examiner and podcast enthusiast.

Company: Patrick Anthony Neely 


Ideas Interests: banking and insurance disruptive technology


Villanova Grad Info: Mechanical Engineer 2009 Business School minor

Area of Expertise:   Investments, Sales, Risk Management, Intellectual Property

Name:  Kevin Shea

Position/Title:  Director of Technology 

Company:  Janssen Healthcare Innovation - Johnson & Johnson


Idea Interests:  Health Technology, Senors, Mobile Apps/Platforms, Big Data, Analytics, Gaming.


Personal Web Site:

Area of Expertise: Marketing, Mobile Apps, Website Design, Life Sciences, Retail and Consumer Products

Name:  Dan Soderberg

Position/Title:  Vice President

Company:  Compass-Ion Advisors, LLC


Idea Interests:  renewable energy, healthcare, insurance, personal finance.


Personal Web Site:

Area of Expertise:  Investments, Marketing, Risk Management, Professional Services 

Name:  Mark Tomcavage

Position/Title:  President

Company:  Serac Solutions, Inc.


Idea Interests:  Technology products or services, including mobile apps, web, embedded computing, communications, etc


Company or Personal Web Site:

Villanova Grad Info:  Bachelor of Electrical Engineering 1992, MS Computer Engineering 1997

Area of Expertise:  Mobile Apps, Website Design, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Professional Services



II Luscri, Director, Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship