2017 Finalists


Congratulations to our 2017 VSEC Finalists!
Great job!


Team Name

Key Words to Describe Idea

Afya Tea

An organic beverage to help manage diabetes while locally empowering small scale farmers.

Ataria NYC

An online clothing brand that aims to create a sense of pride in global culture.

Charitable Stress Relief Services

A campus service to provide massage chairs in a lounge-like atmosphere to combat student stress.


A fantasy music investing application.

Connected Care

A new healthcare product network that leaves patients feeling safe and secure.

Emergency App

An app that stores medical data, sending it and your location to EMS when initiated by a wearable.

Focus Friend

Got a text to send? Better ask your Focus Friend!


Identifies branding in images and provides companies with innovative metrics.


Enables college students to access student-specific discounts at local businesses.

Sweet Fields

Makes healthy eating easy with meal kits for up to a week’s worth of dinners.


A mobile application that shares Wi-Fi passwords simply by touching two handheld devices.



II Luscri, Executive Director, ICE Institute

Prizes, prizes, prizes!

  • Memorable Care First Place Prize  - $5,000
  • Burke Family Second Place Prize – $3,000
  • Uncommon Individual Foundation Third Place Prize - $2,000 
  • “VUer’s Choice” Prize - $500, Awarded to the team with the best video submission as voted by the Villanova community
  • Halloran Social Venture Prize - $500, Recognizes the top social venture in the VSEC
  • Klingler Unitas Prize - $500, Recognizes the team that makes the greatest strides towards incorporating Villanova’s core value of Unitas through a cross-campus perspective in their mission and/or venture implementation plan

Note: Teams can place in the top 3 and still win categorical prizes for the opportunity to win more prize money.