2014 VSEC Finalists

Congratulations and good luck as the teams head towards Pitch Day on April 24th!

Find Stuff to Do (FiStuDo)
Lincoln Escobar VSB '16, Zachary Marks VSB '14
The solution to Villa-no-fun. Fistudo is a mobile application that will allow Villanova students, and eventually students from hundreds of other colleges and universities, to find, create, and review events at no cost.

MLB Seat Finder
Dathan Wong COE '15, Brian Lynch VSB '15, Vincent Lione-Napoli VSB '15, Adam Shater VSB '15, Mary Finnegan LAS '15
Everybody at a baseball game wants to go home with a ball but most likely, you don't know where the foul balls and home runs will land. The MLB Seat Finder helps you choose a seat to never go home empty handed. 

Scott Gosselin LAS '16, Mary Hamilton CON '16   
Bunkalow is the only covering designed for college students, performing as a multi-functional curtain to hide the mess underneath one’s bed, or to cover the bottom bunk to give roommates much-needed privacy. We seek to provide an affordable, aesthetic, and useful product to small-space dwellers. 

Tyler Jensen VSB '17
AiRPay is an analytics, promotion, and mobile payment company that enables restaurants to make empirical decisions about their marketing campaigns and day to day operations, while allowing the customer to pay seamlessly and securely over the air (OTA) with their mobile app. 

Sound Surround
William Kapcio COE '14, Kyle Hartner COE '14, John Hannah VSB '14
People love listening to music on the go, but portable speakers don't cut it. They are simply too expensive or too much of a nuisance. SoundSurround is an Android application that synchronizes multiple mobile devices’ audio output via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct for the purpose of amplifying volume. 

Business Bus
Christopher Mederos VSB '15, Matthew Miller VSB '15, Ian Paintsil COE '15, Alexander Fagan COE '15, Tyler Pruden COE '15
The Business Bus is a daily commuter bus targeted towards professionals that provides the amenities desired by commuters. Tables, Wi-Fi, and power outlets allow riders to get their work done on their way to work, both skipping the misery of sitting in traffic and gaining more productivity as well. 

Simeon Dubois COE '14, Sydney Harris VSB '15

Flock is a mobile social network designed for the local business owner. By providing users with an unparalleled social experience, Flock accumulates live data on customers, helping businesses streamline their operations based on supply and demand. 

SpinOff Closets
Jamie Anczarski LAS '16, Michael Kuna VSB '16, Richard Saporito LAS '16, Benny Reyes COE '16
A spin off on the classic clothing storage design, SpinOff Closets' line of rollup wardrobes allows you to view all of your clothing choices at once without the hassle of rooting, ruffling, & refolding; then wraps itself up when you're done. SpinOff Closets: Roll out a new Routine. 



II Luscri, Director, Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

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