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Team Name

Key Words to Describe Idea

City Explorer

One stop city exploration app on the go


Organic energy drink based on coffee brewed with nutritious moringa leaves

Q: The Social Jukebox

Interactive Music Streaming Service for Businesses

Removable Tattoo Ink

Magnetically Removable Tattoo ink and Removal Equipment


SimpMe provides students with analogies derived from popular interests to explain complex terms.


drone aerial cinematography adventure vacationers


SlipShare - Dock Anywhere

Tavolo - Restaurant Pager Replacement System

Forward-thinking, easy-to-use, cloud-based restaurant pager replacement system

Villanova Runs on Holy Grounds

Extracting oil from Villanova's used coffee grounds and converting that oil into biodiesel.


Wearable, Sleep-tracking, Smartwatch, App, Smartband, Alertness, Productivity tool