VSEC Archive Results


  • 1st Place - Bunkalow 
  • 2nd Place - Find Stuff to Do (FiStuDo)
  • 3rd Place - Sound Surround
Halloran Social Entrepreneurship Prize, $500; Feel Good Food Trucks


  • 1st Place sponsored by eMoney Advisor, $5,000; Fun Run
  • 2nd Place sponsored by Memorable Care, $3,000; Maestro
  • 3rd Place sponsored by the ICE Center, $2,000; Du Riz Rice Huller 1000

Halloran Social Entrepreneurship Prize, $500; Du Riz Rice Huller 1000 


  • 1st Place - Vita Suction
  • 2nd Place - Liftoff Solutions
  • 3rd Place - Keep it Warm


  • Winning Team: Nova Mobile Health
  • Runner Up:  Keep It Warm
  • Honorable Mention: Code Blue; Bread4Bread; Villanova Medical Device Initiative


In 2009, the Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition was founded by two engineering graduate students, Ronald Warzoha and Timothy Montalbano. Created as an extracurricular, entrepreneurial experience exclusive to University students, the competition runs the course of one semester, allowing students across various academic disciplines to collaborate and develop innovative ideas that seek to fill a need in today’s world. The competition is organized by the University’s Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, Warzoha and Beyond Ideas, a campus-wide committee comprised of staff and faculty representatives.

Participating students work together and communicate via IdeaBounce®, an online software platform used to develop ideas, pool resources and submit finalized proposals. Submissions begin with a brief summary and “elevator pitch,” followed by an executive summary several weeks later. The finalists which advance through these preliminary rounds pitch their ideas in a live, board-room setting to investors on Pitch Day, making the competition all the more reflective of today’s work environment.

Finalists can be awarded prize money for various reasons, with the top teams winning a combined $10,000, and participants network and receive mentoring from current entrepreneurs throughout the competition’s duration. The realistic, fast-paced environment fostered during VSEC allows students to develop their creative ideas, hone their specialties and learn various methods and processes that go into an entrepreneurial venture in today’s market.



II Luscri, Director, Center for Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

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