How to Apply for Veteran Benefits

How to Apply for VA Benefits with the Department of Veteran's Affairs:

Students applying to use VA benefits at Villanova should do so online through the VA's VONAPP website.

Students will fall into one of two categories: 
    A) Initiating VA benefits for the first time  OR
    B) Resuming VA Benefits.  
The procedures to apply for these benefits through VONAPP differs as follows:

Initiating VA benefits for the first time
Villanova University students who are eligible for and have never utilized their educational benefits should submit one of the following forms through VONAPP:

  • Veterans
    VA Form 22-1990:  Application for VA Education Benefits
  • Survivors and Dependents of Veterans
    VA Form 22-5490:   Application for Survivors’ and Dependents’ Education Benefits  
  • Students approved for Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB)
    under the post 9/11-GI Bill

    VA Form 22-1990e

Resuming VA benefits
Villanova University students that have previously used their benefits at another institution or used their benefits at Villanova for a different program of study, should submit one of the following forms to the Villanova University Certifying Official who will in turn notify the VA of the change in place of training.

  • Veterans
    original VA Form 22-1995 Change of Program or Place of Training
  • Survivors and Dependents of Veterans
    original VA Form 22-5495 Change of Program or  Place of Training
  • Students approved for Transfer of Benefits (TEB) under the post 911-GI
    VA Form 22-1990e

The signature page at the end of the application must be mailed to the following address:

VA Regional Office
P.O. Box 4616
Buffalo, NY  14240-4616

Signed copies of the completed application forms or signature pages should be forwarded to the Villanova University School Certifying Official (SCO) at the following address:

Attn:  VA School Certifying Official
Office applicable to your program of study  (see below)
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Programs of Study:

  • On-line MPA, HRD and RN-BSN degree and Continuing Studies non-credit certificates: please send correspondence via email to 
  • On-line Business (MBA, MSA, MTax):             Office of the Registrar
  • On Campus Continuing Studies (non-credit):  Office of Continuing Studies
  • Law School JD and LLM Students:                 Law School Registrar
  • On-Line LLM Students:                                  Law School Registrar
  • All other Part-Time/Full-Time Degree Seeking:  Office of the Registrar

All students will need to furnish a copy of their Certification of Eligibility or Benefits Award Letter upon receipt from VA.  Non-active duty students will also need to furnish a copy of their DD-214 discharge paperwork. Copies of all paperwork should be forwarded to the Villanova University certifying official at the address above.


Grade Deadlines
all deadlines are 12:00 noon

December 17         Fast-Forward II
                                Session B
                                On-line HRD, MPA,
                                Fall Session II

December 22        All other
                               Fall 2014

Students expecting degrees for December 2014:
Please verify your degree status by accessing the Verify Diploma Information link from the Graduation Channel on the Student Tab of myNOVA.   If you are expecting a diploma and no degree information appears here, please contact at once.

December 2014 degrees will be posted to transcripts by January 16, 2015. Diplomas will be mailed directly to the address specified on your Prospective Graduation Form or Application to Graduate.  
Degree candidates: please view your academic transcript on line via myNOVA to ensure your degree has been posted before ordering a transcript.

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