Authentication for Non-U.S. Countries

Graduates who are not in the U.S. Contact the Registrar’s Office for information on completing this process.

Graduates who reside in the U.S. Review requirements with the embassy to which the document should be submitted before following the instructions below.

Graduates who reside in the U.S.

After reviewing the requirements, the graduate should then send the diploma and a request in writing to:


Registrar’s Office
203 Tolentine Hall
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085


When the Registrar receives the request
The Registrar’s Office will add a verification notation, an original signature and the embossed Seal of the University to the diploma and have it notarized. We will then return the diploma to the graduate. There is a $2.00 per document charge for the notary.  We ask that this amount be enclosed with the written request.

After you receive your notarized diploma
Depending on the requirements of the country to which it is being sent, the graduate should then mail the diploma to the Pennsylvania Secretary of State in Harrisburg. A check for $15.00 per document payable to “Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” should accompany it. If an Apostille is needed, the graduate must include, in writing, the country to which it will be sent. A stamped self-addressed envelope for the return of the document to the graduate must also be included. The address is:


Secretary of State
Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation
Department of State
Room 210 North Office Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
(Telephone (717) 787-5280)


Note: If a transcript is required as well as the diploma, that information should be included with the original letter to the Registrar’s Office. We will prepare the transcript and have it notarized as well.

If necessary, we will be happy to order a duplicate diploma. The fee for a new diploma is $50.00. Graduates should be aware that as much as six weeks may be required to obtain a new diploma.

Diploma Replacement

If you lose or damage your diploma, you may order a replacement. Send us a check for $50 (payable to Villanova University) along with a notarized letter stating the following:

  • Name (first, last, middle as they appeared when you attended)
  • Student ID or Social Security Number
  • Graduation date
  • Degree
  • Honors received
  • Current name
  • Current address
  • Daytime phone number
  • Email Address
  • Your signature*
  • Reason for need of a replacement

*Be sure that your request contains your notarized signature. Requests cannot be processed without a signature (and therefore email and telephone requests cannot be honored).

Send your request to:
Office of the Registrar
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Upon receipt of this information and confirmation of degree earned, a replacement diploma will be ordered. You can expect to receive your diploma within six to eight weeks of the date that the request is received.