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Volume #21 - Fall 2008

Thank you! We truly appreciate the extensive involvement of employers and professional associations in the life of the University. To show my personal appreciation for this interest and involvement, I'm holding a small contest for my newsletter readers who are our key contacts and former HR students.  Please respond by e-mail, note "entry" in the subject line and give me your contact information.  I'll enter you in my small drawing to be held on September 15th.  If you provide me with any feedback on the newsletter or your Villanova experience, I'll enter you twice.  The first prizeis to be my guest at the HR Partnership Summit on October 3rd.  An additional winner will receive a copy of the book The Carrot Principle or The Spare Room Tycoon.

You can contact me at 610-519-5234 to learn more about what Villanova University can do for you. For information on other events and meetings, you can find links within this website. The Philadelphia Human Resource Planning Society, for example, has an exciting leadership program in October.

In recognition of  the University's commitment to sustainability, I am including a story of daily choices (at the end of this newsletter) to  highlight opportunities and information to improve your life, workplace and the planet. To get started, here are 10 tips to curb global warming and more ideas for improving your workplace.  Visit our workplace to see a few of Villanova's initiatives: a green roof, solar panels, a pesticide-free arboretum and cafeterias that compost trash.

Best wishes,
Brenda Grove,
Director of College Outreach & On-site Programs 

Development Opportunities

Continuing Nursing Education: If your strategies to fight the nursing shortage include education opportunities, leadership training and team development within your organization, Villanova University has just the solution: courses by request. For more than 20 years we have offered on-site programs to health care groups. Particular needs can be met through specially developed workshops, seminars, certificate programs, or through the presentation of already existing courses. For more information or to learn about our new online CE courses, contact Dr. Lenore DeSilets at 610-519-4931 or

Certification programs through the Office of Continuing Studies  are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of professions.  Upcoming certification programs include Project Management and Human Resources.  Please or call 610-519-4310. 

If your just want to learn for the love of learning, you may enjoy an series of events hosted at Villanova, the "One Day University."  On Saturday, November 3rd, attendees will enjoy presentations by some of the nation's best instructors from many prestigious institutions.

Recruiting and Internships

The Career Services Office (CSO) can assist you in achieving greater on campus visibility through a variety of options.  For example, employers can connect with students through student clubs and events, such as Beyond Ideas: The Art of Entrepreneurship on  November 1st. Contact Maureen Piotti at 610-519-4060 or click here for details.

The next Villanova Career Fair will be held on September 16th. As you develop your recruiting plan, don't forget that more than 40 per cent of the U.S. population is over 50.  You also can reach our alumni and adult students through the Career Services office.

Other opportunities include a new event, Createadelphia on September 29th, which will be coordinated by Innovation Philadelphia.  The Chester County Economic Development Council is seeking employers who wish to post internships for HS and college students through a new initiative and the website myinternshipgopher. On October 8th, Villanova will host the college night for women in accounting (ASWA), which should be a great opportunity for employers to meet prospective interns or employees. ASWA has developed an impressive mentoring program and can assist your firm in finding qualified candidates.

Academic Programs

The Division of Part-Time Studies (PTS) serves adult students who are seeking to complete an undergraduate degree or who plan to take prerequisites for graduate study.   This fall PTS has launched a new degree program, Media and Technology.  Advising appointments are available by contacting 610-519-4300n or by visiting for more information.  Walk-in registration will be held on August 19th.

You can find out more about all of the adult programs at the Open House on October 21st.


Next year, the College of Engineering will launch a new graduate program in Sustainable Engineering and is now offering a certificate.

Villanova University is sponsoring Gregor Mendel: Planting the Seeds of Genetics at the Academy of Natural Sciences. (Contact me for a ticket discount.) This is part of the Year of Mendel celebration at Villanova.

The Villanova School of Business (undergraduate program) has been ranked #13 in the nation by Business Week magazine.

Talented Students, Staff, Alumni and Friends

We appreciate all our guest speakers to classes, events and student organizations. One of the distinguished graduates from the Human Resource Development Programs, Vince Stango,  was nominated fro the HR Person of the Year Award this May.

Steve Christini,an alum from the College of Engineering, was recently acclaimed fro his development of an all-wheel drive motorcycle which originated in a student project.

Associate Dean and author Stephen Jones has released a new book, the Ultimate Scholarship Guide.  Students and parents who read the book can learn how to increase their chances of winning a scholarship and simplify the application process.  The book also covers information for those wanting to attend graduate school or to study abroad.

Did You Know? Sustainability

The 4 R's in Greta's Earth Day: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Renew (able)

Greta Greene arose and turned-on the florescent light 1*  next to her bed. She brushed her teeth quickly 2. then wiped her eyes with a tissue of recycled paper. She dressed for work in her favorite bracelet,  made from recycled beads 3* and a very soft shirt made of bamboo 4* .

Next she turned on her radio at the electrical outlet to hear the traffic report for her carpool5*. She made her breakfast from organic yogurt and local berries 6*,which she enjoyed with a cup of Fair Trade coffee. Then she threw her containers into the recycling container: a reused grocery bag.

Once at work, she walked along a path of pervious concrete 7 into her building, which was covered with a green roof 8. At her desk, she received an important package delivered by UPS 9*. She  took this package into a meeting to discuss sustainability efforts. They reviewed the Blue Green Alliance initiatives and the  efforts of others to grow green jobs in PA. She learned that the renewable Energy project has projected green job growth that could lead to more than  2,000 firms employing 42,000 people. The attendees refreshed themselves with tap water from a pitcher 10*.

Next, Greta headed to lunch, where her cafeteria provided good choices: a vegetarian dish and healthfully farmed fish. 11* ( You decide, what choices should Greta and her employer make for the rest of the day?) That night, she rested soundly on her pillow which had a case washed in a coldwater detergent. 12      The end.

1 - Change -Each florescent bulb can save $30 over it's life of use.
2 - Reduce - Not running the water while brushing can save 13 gallons every morning.
3 - Recycle/repurpose -Tips abound. For ex., take your old gadgets to the post office or save using the service Recyle Bank or  buy beads for life. See what the head of PA DEP has to say
4 - Renew - Eco-fashion: Bamboo is a renewable resource suitable for items ranging from flooring to kitchen products or bath towels.
5 - Driving green - It's more than inflating your tires.Click for tips on greening your car.
6 - Natural -  Organic food keeps pesticides out of your body and the bees that pollinate our food. Local food choices reduce gasoline used in transportation.  See the site
7 - Save water -  Using pavers and porous concrete allows water to enter the ground to support the landscape and helps eliminate destructive flooding.
8 - Take an energy audit - Tips range from caulking windows to installing a green roof.
9 - Reroute or refuel- UPS wisely adjusted driving routes to eliminate idling and left-hand turns, thus saving  3 million gallons of fuel and a huge expense.  Read more on fuels at or related topics at the Blue Green Alliance.
10- Tap Water - Only 1/4 of the water bottles are recycled. Using two bottles per day can cost each person nearly $400 per year. See the water usage review at MSN.
11 - Sustain - Many fisheries are dying, and factory farms pollute water supplies and pollute the air.  Learn more at or
12- Try cool- As reported in Newsweek 4/14/2008, if every American washed in cold water, that alone would meet eight percent of the United States' Kyoto targets.

For additional information,  see Environment or attend the international conference on sustainability

Note; The sustainable ideas presented here are at Villanova in April are intended to open a dialogue on sustainable practices and neither represe

NTA scholarly review nor a formal position by the University as a whole.

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