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We are no longer publishing an employer e-newsletter due to the ease of information on the website and the posts at VUOutreach on Twitter.

You and your employer are invited to take advantage of the wide range of resources and opportunities at Villanova University.

The corporate connections web page page highlights contacts and useful information for adults and area employers. It includes listings for both University events, as well as professional groups.

For additional information, please contact Brenda Grove, Director of College Outreach and On-site Programs at 610-519-5234. We look forward to assisting you in reaching your professional and organizational goals.

Newsletter Issues

VUOUTREACH (aka Brenda Grove)  posts on topics related to professional development, careers, networking, events and Villanova University to assist adults and prospective students.

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Why not contact us to sponsor your professional event?  We will be happy to share information about Villanova graduate programs and to get to know your members.