About Us

The Outreach Office identifies and matches employers’ needs with the resources, academic programs and staff at the University. You can learn first-hand about the University through a guided on-campus visit or during an on-campus meeting of your professional association.

We also coordinate Villanova visits to employers to share information about our adult programs and services. Often, these visits are part of a free college day arranged with the members of the Greater Philadelphia Alliance of Colleges and Universities. These events encourage employee development and can provide your staff with quick access to college information.

The University provides services for employers which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Designing and delivering on-site training
  • Hosting professional groups on campus
  • Consulting or collaborating on research
  • Recruiting opportunities for hiring interns and employees
  • Providing conference space
  • Offering professional presentations by faculty experts

    Additionally, Brenda Grove provides presentations to employers and community groups on topics including, “Finding the Right College”,  Fueling Yoour Job Search and “Professional Networking”. She has been a featured speaker at national conferences, as well as local Chambers of Commerce. 


Our Director

photo of Brenda Grove

Brenda Grove, M.A.
Director of College Outreach
Phone: (610) 519-5234
Email: brenda.grove

Contact Brenda Grove, the Director of College Outreach at 610-519-5234 or visit Villanova University's
Corporate Visitors page for other University contacts.