Step 5 - Receiving Your Aid Eligibility Notice

The award letter

After reviewing your completed Financial Aid Application materials, the Office of Financial Assistance will notify you of aid eligibility, which you may check through myNOVA.  In addition, all freshmen and transfer students who have submitted a complete aid application will receive a printed award letter via the U.S. mail.

If you choose to reject any of these offers, send notification to the Office of Financial Aid in writing or via email.

Some awards require special attention or further action, as noted in the award letter.  Please make sure to follow all appropriate instructions to receive your financial aid awards.

Outside Awards

Many organizations (aside from Villanova University and State & Federal governments) offer excellent opportunities for scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial assistance. Students are responsible for handling respective applications, copies of transcript, and deadlines.

Note, however, that Federal regulations prohibit "over-awards" (funds received in excess of your calculated financial need). Therefore, all outside scholarships, whether based on academic merit or financial need, will be factored into a student's financial profile. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Office of Financial Assistance concerning any outside awards received. The Office of Financial Assistance retains the right to make any necessary changes to a student's financial aid award.

Students interested in researching free outside scholarship opportunities can do so at the following websites:

Pay your balance with the Family Financing Option

The remaining balance on your account is calculated by subtracting the EFC (Estimated Family Contribution), along with any Federal and/or Villanova University aid, from the total cost of your Villanova education. The Family Financing Option is a set of options designed to help you pay this balance. Learn more about these financing options and choose the best for you.

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