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Students interested in the Executive MBA, the Master of Accountancy, the Master of Finance, MBA Programs, such as Summer Sessions, FAST & FLEX Track Programs, and VSB Online Programs can find additional information specific to their programs here. 

Many students in the Executive MBA program will finance the cost of the program through several different means, one of which can be the Federal Direct Loan program.  Students enrolled in the five modules of the EMBA Program are eligible for the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS loan, which are two types of funding sources at their disposal.  Given the unique nature and design of the EMBA program, we encourage students to arrange either face-to-face or phone appointments with the Office of Financial Assistance in advance of starting the program.  A financial aid counselor can discuss your own individual financing plan for the full length of the program.

To apply for financial aid, EMBA students can follow the steps outlined on the Graduate Students Application Process webpage.

Students who enroll in the Master of Accountancy and the Master of Finance Program at Villanova University can borrow the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan as a means of financing both their program costs and living expenses for their academic year.  We encourage MAC and MSF students to contact the Office of Financial Assistance prior to the commencement of their program to create a financing plan for the year.

MAC and MSF students are eligible for financial assistance for the summer, fall and spring semesters in a borrower based academic year so long as they enroll in at least 3 credits per term.  However, please note that we advise all MAC and MSF students to plan for 1-2 months of living expenses out-of-pocket prior to beginning the program.  While students are eligible to borrow for living expenses during the academic year, refunds from loan disbursements are typically not available until 7-10 business days after the add/drop period has ended each semester.

**Students are emailed in December by the Office of Financial Assistance's Loan Department to confirm the student's request for a Spring Semester Federal Direct Loan

New and Returning students who enroll for the summer semester in the MBA programs are eligible for financial assistance so long as they enroll in at least a total of 3 credits.

** Please note that current students must be evaluated for satisfactory academic progress prior to the awarding of financial aid for the next academic year.  Due to the small window of time between the review of academic progress and when MBA students begin the summer session in May, it is possible that financial aid may not be available at the first start of class.  Students who use financial assistance for their living expenses are therefore encouraged to plan their budget accordingly.

Fast track students who complete their program in Summer 2017 need to re-apply for financial aid for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Students matriculated and enrolled in the MBA FLEX Track Program and MBA FAST Track Program are eligible for the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan for the 2016-2017 academic year so long as they enroll in at least 3 credits per semester.

Often students who are eligible for employer reimbursement for tuition will only receive that reimbursement after grades are posted.  There is no employer deferral of tuition or fee charges for FAST and FLEX students.  Students with employer reimbursement can utilize the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan to pay their semester tuition and fee charges up front to avoid late fees and financial holds.  To apply for financial assistance, please follow the instructions on the Graduate Students Application Process webpage.

Students in the online MBA and online MSA programs are also eligible for the Federal Direct Loan program.  To apply, students must complete the following:  

  • The 2016-2017 FAFSA at www.fafsa.gov using 2015 tax information.  The Villanova University school code is 003388.
  • Students will also need to complete a Graduate Student Supplemental Loan Application.
    • On this application, students need to provide the number of credit hours they plan to attempt in the academic year (including summer, fall, and spring) as well as the amount of Direct Loan funds they wish to borrow for each term. Students will also need to sign the application before submitting to Villanova University.

More information specific to VSB Online Programs is available in our FAQs webpage.

Alternate Financing

2016-2017 Graduate Financial Aid Booklet

Alternative Loans or Private Educational Loans are administered by private lenders. There are a variety of lending institutions that offer these loans. Typically one would first take advantage of the Direct Loan and then if additional funding is needed, apply for one of these loans. However, if a student is non-matriculated or in a certificate program, the private educational loans may provide a viable financing option. Applications for these loans are made directly through the lending institution. As part of this process the Villanova University Office of Financial Assistance needs to certify that you are a student and provide certain other information. Please view the Private Educational Loan Programs and visit our link to Elm Select to compare private loan options.

For further questions about the status of your applications, go to the MyNova site where you can access your financial assistance records online.

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