Financing Information

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A strategy for financing your educational expenses

In the process of paying for college, your objective should be to satisfy the balance of tuition costs without spending too much on interest from loans. Our objective is to provide you with a strategy to accomplish this. We developed the customizable Family Financing Option to encompass the best available financing options to meet your needs.

The Family Financing Option includes the following recommendations, in order of cost-efficiency:

  • Through the help of TMS (Tuition Management Systems), we are proud to offer the Villanova Tuition Payment Plan. This is a method of paying out-of-pocket over 10 monthly payments in the amount of your choice.
  • The cornerstone of all financial aid award packages is the Federal Direct Loan. It offers the best available rates and repayment terms, regardless of credit history. In many cases, the Direct Loan is completely subsidized (interest-free) during the period of school attendance.
  • Another financing option includes the Federal Direct PLUS Loan. Federal Direct PLUS loans have competitive rates and repayment terms, but the parents’ creditworthiness must be assessed first.

If the options above do not satisfy your balance, a Private Educational Loan may fill in the gap.