Declaration of Major

All engineering students are enrolled in a common freshman year curriculum with the exception of a second semester science requirement which is program dependent.

By the end of February of their freshman year, all engineering students are required to declare their major field of study, i.e., Chemical, Civil and Environmental, Computer, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering.  Students receive an email notification that they must officially declare their major with the University.  This is an online process.

University Policies

You can view University Policies such as Attendance, Discipline, Academic Integrity, Medical Leave of Absence, Withdrawal from University, etc. on the Vice President for Academic Affairs' web site or in the online University Catalog.

Graduate Studies - Additional Information

View the Policies, Procedures and Forms for Graduate Studies.

It's required
Even if you put your desired major on your admission application, you'll need to formally declare your major with the University.