Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership (VUSP)

Dr. Robert Traver


Advance the evolving field of sustainable stormwater management and foster the development of public and private partnerships through research.

Capabilities & Facilities

The last decade has seen rapidly growing interest in the use of stormwater control measures (SCMs) to treat various forms of water pollution, including runoff and peak flows. Recognizing the need for research and public education, Villanova has created a Research and Demonstration Park on campus. Among its many SCMs:

  • Stormwater wetland
  • Numerous rain gardens, including a site that compares bio-infiltration with bio-retention
  • Permeable pavements, including a side-by-side comparison of pervious concrete and porous asphalt
  • Infiltration trench
  • Green roof
  • Treatment train consisting of a bioswale, raingarden and infiltration trench

The following laboratories support VUSP research: 

  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Soils Testing Lab
  • Water Resources Teaching and Research Laboratory (WRTRL)

Pervious Asphalt
CEER Green Roof
Recent tour of VU's Best Management Practice Research and Demonstration Park
Bioinfiltration Rain Garden during storm event
Dr. Traver at the Villanova Stormwater Wetland

Contact Information

Dr. Robert Traver, PhD, PE, DWRE, F.EWRI, F.ASCE,
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and VCASE Director
Phone: 610-519-7899

Sonali Joshi, M.S., M.A., E.I.T.
VCASE Engineering Operations Manager
Phone: 610-519-5054

VUSP Faculty
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Andrea Welker, PhD, PE, Lead, Professor
Bridget Wadzuk, PhD, Alternate Lead, Associate Professor
Ronald Chadderton, PhD, PE, D.WRE, Professor
John Komlos, PhD, Assistant Professor

Dr. Komlos at the VIllanova Stormwater Wetland