Supercritical Fluids Laboratory

Director: Randy Weinstein, PhD, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Focus: Development of environmentally benign chemical processes and production of nanomaterials.

Research Highlights:

  • Utilize supercritical carbon dioxide to create self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) and polymeric films on various metal surfaces for corrosion resistance and electrochemical modifications. 
  • Develop drug delivery devices by implanting various pharmaceuticals into biocompatible polymeric devices as well as chewing gum. 
  • Explore various reactions and nanomaterial synthesis processes in sub- and supercritical carbon dioxide to better understand these unique fluids. 

Facility Highlights:

  • Ten different high pressure reaction vessels (3 mL up to 500 mL), six with visual access through sapphire windows which allow for in situ spectroscopic measurements, and one with a movable piston to allow for solubility measurements through cloud point observation
  • Two hand pumps and four ISCO syringe pumps for pressurization of the vessels up to 7000 psi
  • Cary 50 UV-Vis spectrophotometer
  • Spectrasystem UV3000 HPLC system with autoinjector and UV detector
  • 6890 Agilient Technologies GC with FID and autoinjector with 100 sample trays